Bachon Ki Parhai Ka Wazifa, Bachon Ki Zahanat Ka Wazifa

Bachon Ki Parhai Ka Wazifa, Bachon Ki Zahanat Ka Wazifa
Bachon Ki Parhai Ka Wazifa, Bachon Ki Zahanat Ka Wazifa

Children are the future builders of our nations. If base of the building is weak then the whole building structure will weak. Similarly, if we have children who have best memory, then it would definitely effect on future of our nation. Memory of some children are weak owing to different reasons which do not enlisted here. However, we have only to write here the solution regarding how we can maximize memory level of our kids.

The formula which we described in below is amazing with its effectiveness and with respect to its experiences. A lot of cases we have studied in which parents were worried about weak memory of their kids. They thought how their child will struggle in his future life? How their child could get the ability to have maximum memory?

How To Sharp Children Memory

The situation is very alarming and critical for all those parents whom children having low level or weak memory. For solution point of view, on doctor advised to take / include multi vitamins in daily meal. Which could be some benefits but in many cases, no effective result could be achieved Bachoun ka Hafiza Taiz.

Next, see an example of a child who have weaker memory. When he entered in his class room, due to weak memory, he is not able to answer to his teacher in right way. Teacher shouted on him, at result his moral of studying will be gradually minimized. On next day, he tried to his best but again failed to answer correctly. Bachoun ka Hafiza Taiz Teacher blamed himself again and again. He loose his hope and a negative thing will settled in his mind about his failure. This situation is very dangerous. Parents should examined their beloved child that why he fail again and again. See the involved factor.

To sort out all the above situation and make memory of your child powerful, try out following memory development in children remedy which is yet gives its 100% result at all level of age. Just give your child a certain amount of this remedy at the time to bed daily. After few weeks, educational result card of your child will tell you the real power of this remedy Bachoun ka Hafiza Taiz.

Bachon Ki Zahanat Ka Wazifa
  • Take 250 Grams of Almond Oil and recite 11 times Darood-e-Ibrahimi first.

  • After it, now recite Sorah Alam Nashrah (41 times) on Almond Oil.

  • At the end recite again 11 times Almond Oil.

  • The process  (Bachoun ka Hafiza Taiz) has been completed successfully.

  • Take one tablespoon of said recited Almond Oil at the time to bed.

Bachon Ki Parhai Ka Wazifa In Urdu

Bachon Ki Parhai Ka Wazifa In Urdu

Dimag Ki Kamzori Ka Ilaj Urdu
Dimag ki Kamzori ka ilaj Urdu
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