Brain Development Food for Students- Food For Brain Power

Brain Development Food for Students
Brain Development Food for Students- Food For Brain Power

Brain development food in early age provides essential nutrients to meet best health & fitness. Most of the mothers want their children to be healthy and intelligent. In this context, they should mixture of honey and banana with yogurt is the best Brain development food. Make yogurt at home now.

List of Top 5 Brain Development Food

Healthy children are a symbol of healthy nation. In United States, Germany, Holland and Belgium, mothers add a small quantity in the mixture of banana and yogurt. It is one of the best and complete brain development food for 1-2 year baby.

In later stages, you may add small pieces of dates in this mixture. Addition of date into honey, yogurt and banana mixture is best brain development food for 3-5 year baby.   

Whenever your child be able to chew some hard foods, add almonds into said diet. Almond in early age makes high intelligence level in children. So, these 5 foods are considered best for brain development for baby.

It is called healthy diet, whereas Russia, Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Yugoslavia and now in America have been declared a unique diet for the health of dental cobbles. Today, many world’s health institutions and globally NGOs are working hard for children’s mental and physical development.

It is very clear that peace in the world can only be established when everyone will get health and economic growth. Economic development brings birth to a healthy nation, and it becomes healthy when its children’s health graph will be the highest. There is a need to look at many aspects and periods to maintain the health of children.

Brain Development Food for Students In Urdu
Brain Development Food for Students
Food For Brain Power
Honey as Brain Development Food

Honey comes to increase the sweetness of your food, but is also very useful by health. You may not be aware, but honey is also the best thing to keep the body healthy and to hurry the skin, and it is also bestowed on the Sunnah Prophet as well.

Here are some of the benefits that you may not know.
Glowing Skin

Honey is a great anti-oxidant that allows it to eliminate most of the poisonous material from the body, while its bacterial properties help make the skin and better.

Physical Weight Loss

If you are worried about weight loss, medical experts suggest that you remove sugar-made sweet dishes from diet, but add honey. The reason is that sweetheart in honey differs from sugar that improves metabolism and is essential for reducing physical weight.

Decrease in cholesterol level

Honey is not cholesterol, but it is full of ingredients and vitamins that reduce the level of harmful cholesterol for health. Daily honey foods are beneficial to maintain levels of anti-oxidants that fight additional cholesterol.

Healthy heart

Medical research reports have shown that anti-oxidants present in honey prevent bribery from bribery, stroke of acne may cause heart failure, memory loss, or headache, but with a glass of water every day with 2 to 3 spoon honey. Use is useful to save it.

Better memory

Some medical research reports have proven the ability to fight honey’s mental conflicts, which restore the defense system that can help improve the memory. It removes the calcium brain easily removed from honey, which has an effective effect on mental functions.

Good Sleep

Sweetheart present in honey increases the levels of insulin in the blood, which eliminates a chemical serotonin that changes into a hormone called malotonein, which is essential for good sleep.

Beneficial for the stomach

Due to bacteria, the upset stomach gives a spoon of honey to protect honey from many diseases that are associated with digestive system. The honey goes to the end of the body and eliminates the small wounds inside the body.

Relax in the throat problem

Along with cough prevention, honey also performs a bactericidal digestion work that can benefit from sore throat. In half cup of water, one tea spoon of grilled ginger, one or two lime mixes and a tea spoon mix honey, it can reduce throat pain from the mixture.

Remove the headache

Washing honey from honey can save the head from the head, its use causes moisture restoration, which reduces the risk of smoking. To save headache, mix thin honey in hot water and then massage it for two to three minutes on the head.

Why Banana included in Brain Development Food List  

Banana is one of the most liked fruits in the world, and according to the UN, around 18 million tonnes of nutrients are consumed every year worldwide.

This fruit is full of potassium and pasten (a type of fiber), and it also provides magnesium, vitamin C and B-cens. Banana with honey and yogurt make a good Brain Development Food.

However, where there are many benefits, there are also some losses, and both of you can know below.

Heart health

Banana is good for the heart, due to which there is potassium contained in it and it is necessary for heart functions, as well as sodium or salts, so it also protects patients from high blood pressure. This year, a research revealed that Potassium contained in the banana is beneficial for the deadly and reduces the risk of accumulation or shrinking, which protects diseases like heart attack or fluid.

Useful against Depression

The part of the triipotphins present in the nail goes into the body and turns into serotonin, which gives a pleasant effect on the mood, as well as vitamins B improves sleep sleep while the magnesium provides muscles to the muscles.

System hygiene and decrease in obesity

Protecting bananas due to fiber-rich, while Vitamins B-coin reduces obesity as well as helping to avoid diabetes type-to-be, as it causes natural sweets and achees the skin. That is why it helps to overcome the habit of running away.


Physical energy rehabilitates and due to electrolytes, energy-providers are more efficient for people with bananas.


Banana can be helpful for the strength of the bones, according to a research, there is a part of fructooligosaccharides in nail, which improves the ability to absorb body calcium by increasing the growth of bacteria beneficial for health.


Some evidence suggests that in moderation, eating this fruit can be protected from kidney cancer. One research was told that those who prefer fruits and vegetables prefer risk of kidney cancer, up to 40 percent, and bananas are most effective. Every week, four to six bananas are enough to reduce the risk of kidney cancer.


According to a study published in the Royal Society of the British Medical Society, potassium present in banana can help the boys in the pregnant women, during this research, 740 women were examined and found that more than the pre-pregnancy of potassium The chances of getting birth from boys are likely to increase.

Medical damages

If this fruit is moderated and is not eaten, there is no implicit effect, however, if too much quantity in a single time can cause headache and drowsiness.

As it is sweet fruit, it does not take proper care of dental cleaning on more food, the risk of dental depression and discomfort increases, while in this fruit the proper quantity is not protein or fat, so the body may lose nutrition.

However, bananas are obvious that bananas are harmful when they are eaten too much and according to medical experts, two to four bananas are better for health in one day, while eating more than that of vitamins and other minerals in the body. The surface can greatly increase the level.

Is Yogurt Works as Brain Development Food

The dune is one of the most widely used foods around the world.Many benefits and methods of milk-based cereals are used.

If you want to be physically skinny and smart and it is hard to take time to go to the gym or want to be limited to certain foods, then the yogurt can be achieved with normal food.

Yogurt with banana mixture is one of the best Brain Development Food. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

But very few people have knowledge of many hidden benefits of curd, indeed it is something that should be an integral part of our diet, at least the same is what science says.

Indeed, there are probiotics available in the dice that maintain the natural balance of bacteria in the stomach.

Learn the benefits of this excellent diet here.
Nausea, cold and fever

These three diseases can be controlled by increasing the use of probiotics, Florida University research suggests that two types of probiotics increase the rate of T-cell in the body that reduce the risk of nausea, cold and fever and This is also available from food.

System hygiene

According to a research report last year, dairy foods form part of a probiotic body that strengthens the bacteria in the bacteria, resulting in systemism and improves the possibility of various diseases such as occupation, diarrhea and others.


An American University research was told that ingredients in the yogurt also help in reducing the stress. Especially biotech is helpful in that and this experience proved to be successful in fishes, while researchers say that these results also apply to humans.

Dates Connection with Brain Development Food

Palm or dates are is one of the best Brain Development Food. contains ingredients such as fiber, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, and vitamins B, which cause numerous medical benefits.

Here’s the benefits of medical science that you can get from palm food.
Help reduce the shortage of blood

It is an effective source of palm food addiction efficiently, while it increases the iron level, which helps reduce skin shortages. However, regarding dietary use, diabetes patients need caution.

Improve and control system hygiene

Fiber is an essential part of the intestinal health and prevents control, absorption and absorption of absorbent fiber, which helps in cleaning the intestine system and its work effectively. Lets

Best for heart health

According to the research of Israel’s Tino Institute of Technology, daily pomegranate juice and 3 palm trees are very beneficial for heart disease. Researchers say that pomegranates and palmies are full of anti-oxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce the risk of one third or 33 percent.

Almond & Brain Development Food Mixture

Almond is one of the best Brain Development Food. What can be the most positive effects of eating only four pieces of almonds on the body?

The benefits are the following that will force you to adopt this habit.
Diabetes Protection

Alcoholic fatty acids are very high in almonds that are very essential for physical functions, because they balance the amount of blood glucose in the blood, while also keeping glucose absorbed absorption process, almond blood in easy words Helping control the glucose level, which reduces the risk of diabetes. Eating almonds also prevent insulin resistance which causes glucose levels to increase.

Help to absorb nutrients

Almonds are so fat, which improves vitamins A and D functions and absorption, which benefit in absorption of fat.

Cholesterol reduction

Almonds are one of the most effective foods to reduce the harmful cholesterol levels, if cholesterol is too high, the number of cells can be done twenty-four instead of four days a day. Symptoms of more cholesterol are usually found in the form of white spots, peppers in legs, and pre-white white hair.

Make the system healthy

Almonds have a wide range of probiotic compounds that help make the skin healthy. Bacteria are beneficial for bacterial health that digest food and convert into different ingredients. Without these bacteria, many diseases may occur, the habit of eating almonds prevents this risk because it increases the number of bacteria.

Jaggling hair

All the almonds contain vitamins and ingredients that are essential for hair development and strengthen them, improve the growth of magnesium and zinc hair present in it, while vitamins E give them strong and vitamin B shiny and long lifespan. .

Cancer protection

Almonds contain a type of vitamins that are resistant to powerful anti-oxidants, which resist cancer-free radicals. Different medical research reports have been found in relation to the use of almonds and the risk of intestinal intestine, or bone cancer.

Protection from diseases

Antioxidants in almonds, healthy fat, magnesium, and copper are best for heart and blood health. A plant compound found in the almond spray protects from diseases related to blood vessels, such as diseases and heart attack etc., in the almonds, the fluonids in the almonds reduce vomiting in the body, which is essential for heart health.

Prevent prevention

Almond contains a part called manganese, which helps increase the amount of protein called a colony that keeps skin smooth. The vitamins included in it also help in the fight against the effects of growth.

Strengthen bones and teeth

Almonds contain magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for strong and healthy bones and teeth, almonds use the use of almonds to reduce the risk of pin or fracture of bones, while aging also decreases the risk of dental depression Is.

The best for the brain

It is not necessary to mention that the almonds are also called brain foods that improve the memory and all the effects of vitamin E and fatty acids contained therein. Similarly, this diet also helps in spreading the effects of age on the brain.

Best for memory too

There is no need to eat almonds to accelerate the memory, just feeding 8 to 10 almonds in the morning, after eating in the water, is effective in the morning. According to experts, almonds feeding water helps to easily absorb nutrients in the body. Apart from this, it helps in the metabolism of vitamins B-secured proteins, which can help repair brain problems.

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