Zukam Ka Fori Ilaj, Flu Allergy Ka Desi Ilaaj

Zukam Ka Fori Ilaj, Flu Allergy Ka Desi Ilaaj
Zukam Ka Fori Ilaj,  Flu Allergy Ka Desi Ilaaj

In start of winter season, cool breeze struck with nasal cavities and invites flu (influenza) allergy virus. In Flu (influenza), its patient has no idea how to cure it instantly.  Today we have bringing some awesome tips for cure influenza. In last, we also share a quick and fast react home remedy for influenza (Zukam ka fori ilaj).

Although it was declared that influenza (flu allergy) is better for health point of view once in 03 months. However, we want to get immediate cure from influenza each time. Owning to influenza, a number of germs which may risky for our health extracted in shape of liquid form.

Do you know what the main causes behind influenza are?

Cool Breeze

Struck of cool breeze directly to nasal cavity may leads influenza. Always take care while leaving a room. This is why there will be a difference in room atmosphere and outer temperature.


As above, while eating of icy foods, remember the temperature difference of your mouth inside and the icy foods. Too icy and cold things may affect you and invites influenza. Then you find to cure influenza (Zukam ka fori ilaj).


As we stated earlier, atmospherically influenza invited owning to difference in temperatures. The difference of atmosphere will also be consider a reason behind influenza.


Influenza will also move person to person. Try to care from a person who already affected by influenza. Tell him also the remedy giving in end to cure immediately (Zukam ka fori ilaj).

Nazla Zukam Ka Fori Ilaj In Urdu

Zukam Ka Fori Ilaj

Nazla Zukam ka ilaj

Nazla Zukam Flu Allergy Desi Ilaaj

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