Top WebP to PNG Converters

Top WebP to PNG Converters

The two most used formats for storing digital photographs are WebP (Web Picture Format) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics). Google created the Webp picture format, which uses cutting-edge compression techniques to get the best results. It is primarily utilized online because it dramatically speeds up website loading. PNG, on the other hand, is a lossless picture format that primarily maintains all of the original image data, making it the ideal option for photos that demand great clarity and detail. 

However, there are occasions when you must export webp as PNG due to specific reasons. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top five webp to png converters that enable you to carry out such conversions swiftly. 

Free WebP to PNG Converter Online

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There are several alternatives available that explain how to convert web images to png, making it rather easy to convert a.webp file to.png., which performs high-quality conversion for no cost, is the quick and professionally chosen method to convert webp photos to PNGs.


Cloudconvert is the best choice if you’re looking for comprehensive web-based file conversion services that let you convert between multiple formats. One of the best options for converting webp files to png format is said to be its webp converter. With this free aid, you only need to click a few times to convert the uploaded Google webp file into a raster PNG file. Users must comply.

  • Navigate to Cloudconvert and begin the registration process (if necessary)

  • Choose “PNG” from the provided drop-down list as the converted format by clicking the “Select Files” button and adding the webp file you wish to convert.


  • This webp file to png converter even lets you process conversion based on many options; go ahead and do it if necessary.

  • To begin the conversion process, click the Convert button.

  • Right away, download your converted high-quality PNG file.


Use this one-time fix to convert webp images to PNG files for nothing. Whatever number of Google webp files you need to convert, this convenient webp file to png converter will amuse you with high-quality conversion. 

Even there, you can find a converter to save png files once more as webp files. Additionally, this web-based tool provides countless online converters for the conversion of video, audio, images, documents, and other types of files without requiring registration or installation. This is recommended as the best utility for you if you want to compress your converted or existing PNG files at a sizeable file size. The procedures below make it possible to convert webp to png in a matter of seconds. Here they are:

  • Launch the webp to png converter from theonlineconverter and drag and drop webp files to add them. Once they are uploaded, you can continue by changing more changes (if necessary) or just hit the Convert button.

  • Finally, download.


This is recommended as the best source for conversions, regardless of whether you have animated GIF, video, or any other picture files. The ideal capacity to convert webp to png while preserving the original quality is provided by this converter. Get rid of all those difficult installation steps by simply uploading a webp file to obtain a PNG file. Here’s what you must do:

  • Open the Ezgif online tool, then select the Webp to PNG option within the provided Image Tools area.

  • Use the Choose File option to select your webp picture file, then click Upload. Various choices are accessible on the primary interface to offer optional additional conversion settings.


Convertio is the industry-recognized online service for file converting that has been in operation for decades. This online tool can save webp as a png image file format without sacrificing the picture file’s quality. For the convenience of the user, it supports almost all picture file formats as well as various other file kinds. By doing the following online, you can convert Webp to PNG:

  • Open Convertio and select the PNG format before adding your webp file. 

  • Next, select any further settings or preferences as necessary, or just click the Convert button.

  • Finally, save your newly created PNG format to your computer. 


Using this online web-based source makes it reasonably simple to convert images, music, videos, documents, and other file types. Get this webp to PNG converter right away and you can quickly save one or more webp photos as PNG files. The advantage is that it allows conversion on all contemporary hardware and OSes. Use Zamzar to export WebP to PNG by performing the following actions:

  • Open Zamzar and select the Convert tab. Add a webp image by clicking the provided Choose Files button or by dragging and dropping. Then select PNG as the converted image format from the provided list.

  • To save the converted PNG file, click the Convert button and wait a bit.

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