Badtameez Bachon Ka Shartiya Ilaj

Badtameez Bachon Ka Shartiya Ilaj
Badtameez Bachon Ka Shartiya Ilaj

Training of children is one of the most difficult tasks, not everyone can succeed in it, parents have to sacrifice themselves in their training, when the children become good people and distinguished children. Children need training in everything every moment. Parents today insist that being strict with children makes them stubborn or rebellious or that their self-respect is affected. While the parents of the former say that “feed the gold and look at it with the eyes of a lion”. But today, according to a new study, children who are stubborn, or mean or rude, grow up to be more successful than other polite and well-mannered children.

Every parent wants their child to become the most successful person in the world, to be ahead in every field, to get the best future. In such a situation, those parents whose children are stubborn or rude are especially worried about what will be the future of their child. But you don’t have to worry because new research, which spans 40 years in the US, has revealed that children who were quarrelsome, rude or stubborn in childhood are more successful and successful. . Such children have more courage and courage. As their mind goes ahead in mischief, they come up with new ideas as they grow up, have the courage to go ahead of others. Not afraid to work on new ideas. Such children grow up to become more successful people. Their stubbornness and stubbornness help them achieve success. These children were monitored for 40 years and the result was what we have described before you. Compared to this, Sharif and Padako children were behind them.

Bad kids are usually smart. Their mind is always active thinking of new mischief. In some, intelligence is hereditary and even familial, but success is a different thing. Many people think that children of rich or rich people are more successful, but this is not the case. If he fell behind in the work, he died after doing it. Children of rich people take over a high business at the behest of their parents, but those who are intelligent and hardworking always reach a high chair or a high position. Rich children can get education in good places, study in good institutions, but they don’t have the passion that a poor or hard working child has.

According to experts, naughty children are more successful because they are stubborn and obstinate and somewhat selfish, because they do not care about anyone else and move forward with only their own success in mind. They give priority to themselves over everything else. Hence, they like to work on their own terms in their careers as well. Their misbehavior sometimes opens their way. That’s why if your child is also rude or stubborn, don’t panic now, if he is not doing well, then take comfort in the fact that he may turn this flaw into a virtue when he grows up.

Badtameez Bachon Ka Ilaj

Badtameez bachon ka ilaj ke liye kuchh upay aur tarike hain jo aapko madad kar sakte hain. Yahan kuchh pramukh salah di gayi hai:

1. Communication and Understanding:

Bachon ke saath sahi tarah se communication karna bahut zaroori hai. Unhe samjhayen ki unki harkaton ka kya asar hota hai aur kis tarah se unki harkatein dusre logo ko pareshan karti hain. Unhe samjhane ki koshish karen ki badtameezi karne se koi fayda nahi hota, balki unki zindagi aur rishtein isse prabhavit ho sakte hain.

2. Discipline:

Bachon ko discipline sikhana zaroori hai. Unhe samjhayein ki kya sahi harkat hoti hai aur kya galat. Unhe niyam aur maryadaon ka paalan karne ke liye prerit karen.

3. Positive Reinforcement:

Bachon ke sahi vyavahar ko tareef aur prasansa pradan karke unhe motivation dijiye. Jab woh achhe tarike se behave karte hain, unhein appreciation aur rewards dijiye. Yeh unhein achhe aur badtameezi se door rahne ke liye prerit karega.

4. Consistency:

Bachon ke liye consistency bahut zaroori hai. Unhein samjhayen ki woh samay-samay par apne aap ko control karna sikhein. Yadi aap kuchh dino tak discipline aur samajhane ki koshish karte hain, phir use chhod dete hain, toh yeh unke liye confusing ho sakta hai.

5. Role Modeling:

Bachon ke liye role modeling bahut mahatvapurna hai. Aap unka achha udaharan baniye aur unhe sahi aur galat ke beech farak samjhayein. Apne bachon ke saath achhe sambandh banayein, unki baaton ko suniye aur unhein pyar aur samman se treat kijiye.

6. Professional Help:

Agar bachon ki badtameezi aur vyavahar mein samasya lambe samay tak bani rahti hai aur aapko samajh nahi aa raha hai ki kya karna chahiye, toh ek professional counselor, psychologist, ya child specialist ki madad lena bhi ek vikalp ho sakta hai. Unki salah aur upchar se aapko aur aapke bachon ko sahi guidance aur support mil sakti hai.

Yeh upay aur tarike bachon ki badtameezi ko kam karne mein madad karenge, lekin har bacha alag hota hai aur uski samasya bhi alag ho sakti hai. Isliye, bachon ki samasya ko samajhne ke liye samay aur sabr rakhein aur unhein pyar aur samman se samjhayen.

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Bachon Ki Bad Tameezi Aur Zid Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa

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