Prize Bond Lucky Number Through ilum ul adad, Prize Bond Wining Method

Prize Bond Lucky Number Through ilum ul adad, Prize Bond Wining Method

Most people buy prize bond with the hope that they will win the first prize and become rich over night. For this purpose people buy prize bond guess paper. But unfortunately there is no guaranteed method in the world that can sure you to get first prize.

Islam clearly says that no one can see in future so don’t trust Babas who give you guarantee to win prize bond. Astrologist have developed different formulas. Some astrologists say that add the starting and ending date of your star and then add your date of birth in it and get your lucky number through this formula you can win prize bond. Some people say that the day and month when you buy the prize bond should be present in the end of your prize bond number. Some other people says that your date of birth plays an important role for wining prize bond. But I recommend another method for wining prize bond first prize.

Here in this post I share a method for this purpose this method use ilum ul adad. By using ilum ul adad you can have chance to win first prize. If you want to increase your income then try this method and also change your attitude towards people. Try to help every one. Increase your trust in your Allah and fate. Do not be greedy. Concentrate on your work more as hard work and luck both are necessary for success in life. If you are lucky then you can earn money without relying on “Babas” who assure you about success in wining prize bond.

I always recommend you never pay money for getting prize bond guess paper. Before purchasing prize bond guess paper think first why people beg little amount of money from other for providing them sure shot prize bond guess paper. These people making your fool so don’t trust on them and become their victim.  Pray Almighty Allah for your troubles.

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  علم الاعداد اور انعامی بانڈز لکی نمبر

  تمام بروج کی سال بھر کی اہم تاریخیں تحریر کر رہا ہوں ہر شخص اپنے برج  کے مطابق انعامی بانڈز خریدے اور بروج سے منسوب اسمائے الہیٰ پڑھے انشااللہ تعالیٰ ضرور انعام نکلے گا۔

Ism e Azam



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