Wazifa for Earn Money

Wazifa for Earn Money
Wazifa for Earn Money

Money is the basic need of everyone. Allah is the only one who gives wealth to every person of this world. Here I am sharing some most effective and powerful Wazifa for earning money.  Make this wazifa your daily habit and see how this wazifa work to make you rich. While you wish to be rich that implies you need riches and a prosperous life. I will let you know the initial step that you need to take to wind up distinctly rich soon. A wazifa can transform you whole life. I have to do work or job or business to earn money. But if you are unable to get a job or do a business then you can do this  wazifa. Remember always recite Darood Sharreef before and after recite any wazifa.

Benefits of Ya Razzaq

The person who recites Ya Razzaqu will have excess of rizq. With the benefits of Ya Razzq all problems will be solves. This word is especially helps those person who are in search of job to gain rizq. The wazifa of Ya Razzaqu will help them a lot. Recite Ya Razzaqu daily after the Namaz Fajar 1100 times. Insha Allah by the grace of this Asma Ul Husna, Allah will give you rizq more than you expect. If you want to strong your financial position then recite this wazifa daily.

Rizq Main Izafa Ki Dua In Urdu

Wazifa to Become Rich

If you want to become a rich person then recite Ya Razzaqu for 23 times when you get up from bed in the morning and 23 times at night before going to sleep. Make this wazifa daily until you become rich.

Wazifa to Earn Money

Recite Darood Sharif 11 time then read Asma ul Husna “Ya Razzaq”  500 times. You can perform this wazifa after Fajur prayer then again recite Darood Sharif 11 time after reciting Ya Razzaqu. You can recite in morning but remember place remain the same every day. You can also read it after every Namaz if you do not have much time then you can recite it after Fajar Namaz.

Wazifa For Wealth And Rizq 

Recite Ya-Razzqu after Namza Fajar at 10 times and blow on each corner of your house. By the grace of this wazifa you will become rich and poetry will gone in your life. Start this wazifa at right side corner of your house and then blow on all corners of your house.

Wazifa for Shop Or Business

If your shop or business stop and not gain much income then Ya Razzaqu Asma ul Husna is beneficial for you. Recite Ya Razzaqu 3125 times for 40 days and then recites Ya Wahabo for 1100 times for 11 days and then recite Ya Razzaqu for 3125 times for 40 days at the last day distribute some sweets in the people for the sake of Allah. Insha Allah you will gain success in business or shop.

Ya Razzaqu Wazifa for Job

If some is in search of job or has lost his job and wants to have the job again the recites Ya Razzq 11000 times daily and continue this wazifa until you can get job. Insha Allah within 6 month you will get job.

Ghaib Sey Rozi Pany ka wazifa

The person who recite Ya Razzaqu after every Namaz, he will surly get rizq from anywhere. Ghaib Sey Rozi Hasal karney k lehe Ya Razzqu 545 bar parain. Ye wazifa parney se ghaib sey rozi main izafa ho ga.


Qaid Se Rahai k Lehe Wazifa

Qaid Se Rahi k lehe 100 martaba Ya Razzaqu parain tu Insha Allah qaid se rahi mil jae ge. Ye amal aus waqat tak jari raken jab tak qaid se rahai ne mil jati.

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