Skin Allergy Treatment In Urdu | Allergy Ka Desi Aur Rohani ilaj

Skin Allergy Treatment In Urdu
Skin Allergy Treatment In Urdu | Allergy Ka Desi Aur Rohani ilaj

There are many allergies like skin, dust, food, blood, drug, asthma, sinus allergies. There can be many symptom and different reactions of Allergy.  It can be from fruits or from changing season. When any tissue of body gets sensitive they easily effect from allergy.  In this post I am sharing easy, simple homemade and affordable treatment in urdu.

Allergy ki Alamat

Allergy ki alamat main sar dard, dard e shaqiqa, sar chakarana, ishteaal, asab zadgi, depression, pathon ka dard, ashob e chasham, eczema, zard bukhar, naak ka band hona ya ziyadah behna, ishal, qee, chapaki, dama, dam ghutna aur chehre ya aankhon ka sojna shamil hai.

Dust Allergy Treatment in Urdu

Dust allergy ki waja se Nazla, Zukam aur cheenkain aana shor ho jata ha. Dust allergy ka bethern ilaj ye ha. Aap ye ilaj tab tak jari rakain jab taka aram nah aajay.

Har Tara ki Allergy Ka ilaj

Caster Oil ke 5 qatre kisi fruit ya sabzi ke adha cup juice mein mila kar subah ke waqat khali pait pina intaryon, jild aur naak pehney ki Allergy ke leye bohat mufeed hai.

1 glass garam pani mein adha lemon nichor kar es ko aik chai ka chamcha shehad se metha kar liya jaye to rozana subah khali pait kai pena bohat faidah deta hai har tara ki allergy k lehe.

Dano ki Allergy Ka ilaj

Jin afrad ko jild par dane nikal aate hon unhein rozana aik ya do kele (banana) khana skin allergy k lehe bout mufeed hai.

Allergy Treatment Due To Changing Season

Khere, gajar aur chuqandar ka juice mix kar k pehna se b allergy k mariz k leha bethar ha kas kar changing season ki waja se agar allergy ho tu

Allergy Ka Desi ilaj
  1. Take 50 grams Bari illachi.

  2. Crushed it seeds.

  3. Take ¼ Teaspoon Honey.

  4. Mix all these things and take it for 4 week.

Take 1 Teaspoon of this at night before going to bed. This remedy is very useful for allergy especially Pollen and Asthma allergy.

Allergy Katam Karnay Ka Wazifa-Allergy ka Rohani ilaj


Skin Allergy Treatment Due To Use of Cosmetic | Treatment of Scabies

When women use several products of hazardous effects on their skin, it causes skin allergy in the form of scabies, inflammation and several other skin disorders. The sensitive skin requires much care and should use such things quite carefully in order to avoid such skin problems. Here is simple treatment of skin allergy and scabies.

Keep a cotton roll to remove your makeup, apply moisturizer on the face and remove with wet cotton. Then spray plain water on the face and let the face dry. Use products that are suitable for your skin. If some product is creating problem then stop the use immediately. Especially oily skin is very sensitive, so choose product very carefully. If a product is creating problem to your skin then note the ingredients of that cream and next time avoid the product with those ingredients. For checking the product use it under your arms, if the result is satisfactory then you can use it on your face. The use of anti aging creams and exfoliation products is not good for skin. It is also the case that food items also cause allergy like meat. If the problem is severe then consult your physician.

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