Apple Kheer Recipe For Babies, Toddlers And Kids

Apple kheer recipe for Babies, Toddlers and Kids
Apple Kheer Recipe For Babies, Toddlers And Kids

Apple pudding is very beneficial for children. For babies who do not like to eat apples or drink apple juice, you can feed them apple pudding. Apple pudding is rich in nutrients. Eating it helps in physical and mental development of children. Feed apple pudding to children above 6 months; know its benefits and recipes in this article.

Taking care of children’s health is very important for every parent. Children should get adequate nutrition for their physical and mental development. Milk and fruits are very beneficial for children. Apples are among the most beneficial fruits for children. But many children start to wrinkle their noses and mouths at the sight of an apple.

If a child does not eat and drink properly, its nutrition may remain incomplete. In such a situation, you can also adopt the delicious method of feeding milk and apples to children. If your baby does not like milk and apples, you can make apple pudding and feed it. Most of the kids like pudding very much. You can also feed apple pudding to a baby above 6 months. Making apple pudding is very easy. Here we will tell you the recipe of apple pudding and its benefits for Babies, Toddlers and Kids.

Apple Kheer Benefits For Kids

Apple pudding is very beneficial for children. It has twice the nutrition of apples and milk. Eating apple pudding helps in the physical and mental development of the child. Apples are rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, fiber and antioxidants. Eating apples improves eyesight in children. It contains soluble fiber called pectin which prevents constipation and diarrhea in children. Eating apples improves brain development in children. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and swelling. Along with this, milk is also rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Eating apple pudding gives children energy and strengthens their bones.

How To Make Apple Kheer For Kids


1 large apple, peeled and chopped.

2 cups of milk

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 tbsp ghee

1/4 tsp cardamom powder

2-4 almonds

Apple Kheer Recipe For Babies

To make apple pudding, first wash and peel the apple and remove the seed part. Then grind the apple. Now heat ghee in a pan. After that add the grated apple in it. Cook the apple until all its water dries up. After that turn off the gas and keep it to cool.

Now boil the milk in a separate pot. When the milk starts to boil, add sugar and cardamom powder to it. When the milk boils to half, turn off the gas.

After the milk cools down a bit, add the apples to it. Cook it while stirring for 1 minute. Then turn off the gas and add chopped almonds. Feed the baby after the pudding cools down a bit.

Apple, Custard and Kheer For Babies, Toddlers and Kids


Apple ½ kg

Sugar 3-4 tbsp

Basmati Rice 1/4 Cup (Soaked for 2 hours)

Milk 1 & ½ Litre

Pista Crushed 2-3 tbsp

Kishmish (Raisins) 2 tbsp

Almonds Crushed 2-3 tbsp

Custard Powder 2 tbsp 

Elaichi Powder (Cardamom Powder) ½ tbsp


In frying pan, add apples (grated with the help of the garter), mix well and cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Add sugar, mix it well and cook until sugar is dissolved. Now add crushed pista and soaked rice, crush it well for few minutes. Then add milk and bring it to boil. Now add cooked apples mixture, sugar, mix continuously and cook on low flame for 10-15 minutes.Add pistachios,raisins,almonds and mix well.

In custard powder add milk and mix well. Now add dissolve custard, mix continuously and cook until custard is thick. Add Elaichi Powder (cardamom powder) and mix well. Chill in refrigerator & serve it to kids or any one.

Seb Ki Kheer

Kheer is so delicious and everyone’s favourite dish because of its creamy texture, here is Apple kheer recipe which is healthy and mouth watering as well.


1 Grated Apple Without Peeling

1 Litre milk

Sugar or honey as per taste

Dry Fruits

Cardamom powder

1/2 cup condensed milk


Put a pan on low flame, Put 1 Litre of milk and give it a boil. Now Add sugar and boil more until milk comes to half. When milk remains in half quantity add crushed apple in it and stir it well to give it a good mixture then add condensed milk.

Give it a boil under low flame, mix it well add cardamom powder and add any dry fruit of your kids choice in it. Give this kheer to your kids because it is very beneficial for their health and it is a good way to make a child to eat fruits otherwise they never eat on their own.

Apple Kheer For Babies

Apple Kheer For Babies

Apple Kheer Benefits For Babies

Apple Kheer Benefits For Babies

Apple kheer Recipe in Urdu

Apple kheer Recipe in Urdu

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