How to Make a Baby Stop Crying, How To Calm A Crying Baby In 15 Seconds

How to Make a Baby Stop Crying
How to Make a Baby Stop Crying, How To Calm A Crying Baby In 15 Seconds

Parents get in troubled owning to Baby Crying. We have received a lot of mails in this regard. The question asked through mails are different with respect to each other. Some of just ask How to calm a crying baby every time.

My baby has been crying all day is one of the most asking question. Evil Eye may also cause of baby cry. Constipation may also a big and major cause of baby cry. Here are the best treatment for baby to stop crying.

Why do some babies cry a lot? We investigate it. Some of infants crying after eating. Babies different cries help us about what causes babies to cry excessively. Is it good for babies to cry? Definitely the answer is NO.

Why Do Some Babies Cry A Lot

Babies are just like soft fresh colorful flowers. Following are some of the most important points are enlisted which may help you to find the answer of what causes babies to cry excessively;

Stomach Pain, Severe headache, ear pain, toothache and severe wound pain or if baby have severe toothache then here are the best instant pain relief remedy for toothache.

Now question raised that how to calm a cry baby every time. Mother says, “my baby has been crying all day”. Another have different query like “why does my baby cry after eating”.

Most babies cry the most during the first four months of life. Starting at about 2 weeks of age, your baby may cry for no apparent reason and can be hard to console. Many babies have a fussy time of day, often during the late afternoon to early evening when they are tired and unable to relax.

Hunger Cry

Newborns during their first 3 months of life need to be fed every couple of hours.

Colic Pain

During the first month after birth, about 1 in 5 newborns may cry because of colic pain. Always keep colic drops at home to give baby to get rid him crying.

Why Does My Baby Cry After Eating?

Some of babies are just crying for eating. While some of them crying after eating. This is why the stomach of that baby is not able or accepted the food. It is necessary first to take a medical examination of stomach. Doctor will further decide the actual required amount of food. It would also be called a diet plan. if your child have some eating disorder issue then read treatment of eating soil.

How To Calm A  Baby Crying

Swaddling. Wrap your child in a sweeping so he feels secure. Side or stomach position. Hold your child so he’s lying on his side or stomach. In any case, dependably put him on his back when he goes to rest.

Shushing. Make “background noise” muffles different commotions: run the vacuum cleaner, hair drier, fan or garments drier.

Swinging. Make a cadenced movement of any sort. For instance, show your infant a good time in a stroller or auto.

Sucking. Give the infant a chance to suck on something, for example, a pacifier.

To calm a crying baby every time, you have to know how you take interest of your baby into different kids games. To make a baby stop cry, just divide her/him interest into other things around you. Baby will stop cry automatically by your this process.

Dua To Stop Baby Crying

Also recite seven times Sorah Ikhlas in front of right ear and seven times in front of left ear. Repeat the said process in evening. Babies different cries will hopefully end by only this procedure.

Dua To Stop Baby Crying In Urdu

Dua To Stop Baby Crying

Wazifa To Stop The Baby From Crying

To stop the baby from crying do the following wazifa.

1.  Take a piece of white cotton cloth.

2.  Cut the piece of cloth into size of your palm.

3.  Now write the last two Surah of quran on it.

4.  Now wrap that cloth and stitch it in a leather pouch with a string.

5.  Put it in the baby neck.

6.  Recite Surah Kosar 1100 Times and blow on child.

This will solve the problem of baby crying Insha Allah.

How To Make A Baby Stop Crying Video

Watch the below link How do you calm a crying baby in 5 seconds?

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