Winter Season Baby Care Tips to Avoid illness, Baby Care Tips in Winter

Winter Season Baby Care Tips to Avoid illness, Baby Care Tips in Winter
1. Winter Season Baby Care Tips

Winter Season Baby Care Tips will help parents in order to avoid illness. At the time of winter, our eating habits, style of wearing, and routines change the life. This season brings new colors and beauty to our lives. However also brings health problems, which affect the child’s life. Due to weak immunity weak in early age, children whom do not have a baby care are likely to suffer from illness.

How To Dress A Newborn Baby In Winter?

Expert’s health emphasizes that in order to avoid illness, wear warm clothes that should be used instead of electric or gas-powered heaters. Child specialists say that some children wear clothes too much, which are very misconception. The best principle in this regard is that the apply one more layer of child’ cloth as compare to parents wearing. If mother wears 2 layer cloths in winter season, child must have 03 layer of clothes.

How To Keep A Baby Warm At Night In The Winter?

It is better to have their bed soft and comfortable instead of stirring more clothes. A bad habit of many mothers is that they wash sophisticated clothes for which they have two arguments. First, as the sweat decreases in winter, so warm clothes are not so fast. On the other hand, the fact is that the woolen cloth is more likely to absorb dust. In such cases, melancholy can be caused allergic or asthma. Therefore, these clothes also wash with regular and semi-hot water. Second argument is that hot clothes required long time to be dry. Although it is correct, but washing is also necessary.

What Should Be The Children’s Food?

According to the Child Specialist, “immune and immune system is unhealthy or weak in very first year of life. The rate increases in the winter. Proper food and vegetables may include in diet, strength can increase significantly. Besides, almonds and salmon fish should also be included in their diet. Also feed hot soup and yolk. Children’s diet should include vitamin C-rich items such as mallet ‘lime’, ‘green leafy vegetables’, Brooklyn ‘and spinach. Although the miraculous attribute of the item is high, its daily quantity is more than 500 mg.

How To Take Care Of Baby Skin In Winter?

Prevention from infections caused by bacterial and viral infections is easiest solution to avoid illness. Hot water and heater for washing mouth and washing in homes may be used. People have high blood pressure and anorexia should only use warm clothes. Furthermore, without the prescription of the dentist, minerals soap could not be used because the chemical ingredients present in them also make negative effects on the skin.

After dealing with toddler, apply a good lotion or cream on their skin so that they do not suffer from nutrition. Olive oil or coconut oil is best for cure. Apply a thin layer on weak muscles. Rather, he will sleep quietly.

Important of Sunshine

Children’s room should be semi-calm and good for sleeping, for which humidifier is also appropriate. The germs in the closed rooms are high, so keep their doors and windows open for some time so that more air and sunshine can enter. The sunlight naturally has the ability to eliminate the germs.

Need To Contact The Physician?

Symptoms of coldness in winter, if they are due to the virus, in most cases they recover automatically without medication, but due to the use of antibiotics, antibiotics are essential. In both these cases, the doctor can do so, so he should not take any medicine without consultation. On the contrary, many Mindakhood start the medicines, and the reason is that the doctor suggested the same medicine for the last time when he was sick. It is a hyperactive procedure that is harmful for children’s health.

Why Winter Season Baby Care Tips

Younger children are delicate like flowers that require more love and attention than elders ‘because they can not keep their own ideas well. Although parents consider their children’ health by offering their health sacrifices. But it is also true that sometimes due to ignorance and misconceptions, they cause harm to them instead of benefiting them. That is why they need to trust the certified information rather than just listening.

Baby Care Tips in Winter

Children are the blessings of ALLAH. Mother cares their babies as well by using these effective and reliable baby care tips. Mother is always worries about their children especially in winter. Though winter is very charming but babies are effect in cold, flue and fever during winter. So mother has to pay attention their babies more than normal days.

Child Saved From Cold

Cold is very dangerous for children. Child is at risk of diseases of the fever, sore throat and chest in cold season. Particularly it is likely to be pneumonia. It is necessary to prevent deadly diseases pneumonia.
Winter is dangerous for children. in this season likely to be increased in fever, infection, cold, cough. to prevent baby from disease you should do some thing.

The Reasons for Feeling Cold in Children

Cold infections remain a significant cause of child wet winters. Also the child is a reason not to wear warm clothes. If your baby’s clothes are small in this case the child is cold.

Save Child from Cold

To protect the baby from getting cold before the child’s clothing was completed and it is completely covered. Do not wet the baby, keep completely dry. The effort should be dressed the baby warm, and it was completely covered and was well packaged. I think most of the cool night so it is important, especially in the night to take care of baby clothing. Do not sleep the baby near the open door or window, it can be baby sick.

Take Your Child to Sit in The Sun in Winter

In winter season keep the kids in sunshine because sunshine provides a lot of vitamin D. Baby sitting in the sun in winter with positive impacts on the health. Children get vitamin D from the sun which children are stronger and have an impact on children’s development

Baby Bath in Winter Season

In winter, bathe the baby requires particular care that the child gets not a cold. Use a space heater to generate lots of heat in the bath area. Make sure that the bath water is warm enough for your baby by testing it with your finger before bath them in.

Mother Feed For Baby

Mother feed is the best for baby especially in winter season because it keep baby warm. Mother feed is basic healthy diet for children. If you feed baby own rather than open market milk is better for baby. Much kind of nutrients are present in mother milk which is necessary for baby growth. It is more necessary in winter season because mother’s milk is free from germ. Mother’s milk helps the baby growth. Because of mother’s milk warm baby body keep warm. In the winter cold germs are present in air which can be entered the human body easily. These precautions will help you take proper care of the child. Read Bachon ki sehat in Urdu and Hindi.

Bachon Ki Sehat in Urdu
Bachon Ki Sehat in Urdu Hindi
Winter Season Tips For Kids In Urdu
Winter Season Tips For Kids In Urdu
Bache Ko Thanda Lag Jana

Bachey ke liye thand lag jana buhat khatarnak hai. Iss se chotay bachon mein bukhar, gale aur sine ke amraaz hone ka khatra hota hai. Khaas tor par namunia hone ke ziadah imkanaat hote hain. namunia kaafi muhlik marz hai iss se bachaao zaroori hai.

Baby ko Thand Lagne ki Wajoohat

Bache ko thand lagne ki aham wajah bache ka gila rahna. Iss ke elaawa bache ko sardion mein garam kapray na pahnana bhi aik wajah hai. Agar bache ke kapray kam hon gay to iss surat mein bhi bache ko thand lag sakti hai.

Baby ko Thand Lagne se Bachain

Baby ko thand lagne se mahfooz rakhne ke liye sab se pehle to baby ka libas mukammal ho aur iss ko mukammal tor par dhanpa gia ho. Iss ke elawa baby gila na ho balkeh mukammal tor par khushk ho. Agar ise gilay pan se bachana ho to aisa lebas pehnain jis mein gila pan iss ke jism ke doosray hison tak na punche. Iss ke elawa koshish yeh honi chahiye keh baby garam kapray pahne rahe aur ise mukammal tor par dhanpa gia ho aur achi tarah pack kia gia ho. Baby ko ziadah tar thand raat mein lagti hai to zaroori hai keh raat mein baby ke lebaas ka khaas tor par kheyal rakha jaye. Sotay hoye yeh kheyal rakhain keh bacha kisi khuli hoyi khirki ya darwaze ke nazdeek na so raha ho jahan se hawa lagne ke baais ise thand lag sakti hai.

Sardiyon Mein Baby Ko Bath

Sardiyon mein baby ko nehlate waqt khaas ahtiaat ki zaroorat hoti hai takeh baby ko thand na lag jaye. Apne baby ko bath dete waqt sab se pehle tasalli kar lain keh jis jagah aap bache ko nehla rahi hain wahan ka tempreture garam ho, paani halka garam karlain. Baby ko pani walay tub mein letane se pehle is ski eyes, ears ko bahir se aur nose ko andar se cotton se saaf kijye. Baby ke balon ke liye baby shampoo aur nehlane ke liye narm-o-mulaim sabun istemaal kijye. Iss ki Armpit , neck aur waist (kamar) ko ahtiaat se saaf karain. Aakhir mein fingers aur hands ko aaraam se saaf kijye. Bache ko nehlane ke baad achi tarah khushk karalen. Iss ke baad baby ko sardiyon ki munasbad se motay aur garam kapray pehnayain.

Sardiyon Mein Baahir Nikalte Waqt Apne Baby Ko Thand Se Mahfooz Rakhne Ka Tareeqa

Koshish karain keh jab aap baby key sath ghar se bahir jarahe hon to iss waqt bache ke kapray garam hon aur bacha gila na ho. Bache ko iss tarah se pack karain keh ise bahir ki thandi hawa na lage kiunkeh thand lagne se wo bimaar ho sakta hai. Iss liye baby ka khaas kheyaal rakhain.

Sardiyon Mein Baby Ko Dhoop Mein Le Kar Bathna

Sardiyon mein baby ko dhoop mein le kar baithna is ki sehut par masbat asraat dalta hai. Dhoop se baby ko vitamin D milta hai jis se baby ki bones mazboot hoti hain aur baby ki nasho numa par acha asar parta hai.

Baby Ke Liye Mother Feed

Baby ke liye mother feed bunyadi sehat bakhsh ghiza hai. Ager aap market ke khule milk ki jagha apna milk baby ko pilayin gi to aap ke baby ke liye behtar hoga. Mother’s milk mein kayi ghizai ijza mojood hote hai jo new born baby ki nasho numa ke liye lazmi hain. Sardiyon mein to yeh aur bhi ziadah zaroori ho jata hai kiun keh mother milk germs se pak hota hai jab keh khule milk mein germs mojood ho sakte hain. Mother’s milk baby ki behtar nasho numa mein madad karta hai. Mother’s milk garam hone ki wajah se baby ke jism ko bhi garam rakhta hai. Sardiyon ke mosam mein germs thandi hawa mein mojood hote hain jo aasani se kisi bhi insaan k eke jism main dakhil ho sakte hain. Yeh ahtiati tadabeer aap ke baby ki munasib daikh bhal mein madad kare gi chunkeh.

Baby Sleeping Tips 

Those baby who sleep in the afternoon, can not sleep early at night. It is naturally divided into seven to eight hours of sleep. The kids are away fatigue. Children are no satisfied until then they watch cartoon and other favorite films or do not stay up, late talking with his mom. Intelligent parents are changing their life style according to their growing children. Children should act wisely for personal training.

If you are trying to sleep your children at fixed time daily then you are wrong. Children are not a robot. If you want to your child sleep at fixed time then you should do some homework.

Before going to bed brush their teeth, during brush you prepare their bed.

Clean the room.

Dim the light.

If season are better then only switch on the fan otherwise AC on.

Keep a glass and water.

Switch off the TV and don’t make a noise.

Bachon ki Neend

Bache jo dopehar mein neend puri kar lete hain woh raat mein jaldi nahi so sakte yeh baat fitri si hai keh saat ghante ki neend jab tukron mein taqseem ho jati hai to bachon ki thakan door hojati hai is key baad jab bache der tak cartoon aur degar pasandidah films na deikh lein ya der tak maon se batein na karte rehein in ki tasalli nahi hoti. Yeh umer yun bhi jazbaatyat ki hoti hai. School ya tuition parmaan se duri aur phir maan ki qurbat aur tawajjah ki gharyan dastiyab ho jata bache key liye nemat bhi hoti hai aur sar khushi ka yeh hassas bhi do chand hota hai.

Woh khana khane mein jaldi nahi karte, story sunna chahte hein, question karte hain, inhein maan ki din bhar ki choti bari masroofyat key baad hone wali thakan ka is qadar ahsaas nahi hota. Hum aisa nahi kahein gay bache khood gharz hote hain bache na samajh hote hain inhein baron key kaamon ya awqaat kar ka andazah nahi hota na hi mehnat ki routine ka patah chalta hai. Woh sirf apna kaha manwana chahte hain lekin parents ki apni majbooriyan hoti hain.

Har ghar mein sone jagne aur khane pine key alag aoqaat moqarar hote hain. Samjhdar pareints barhte huye aur chote bachon ki age key hisab se apne maamolat ka taiyun karte hain. Woh apna tarz e zindaig hi badal lete hain. Bachon ki shakhsi tarbiyat key liye esar se kaam lena parta hai maslan agar aap kisi Sunday ki shab raat gaye ki kisi taqreeb mein madu hain to agle Monday warking day key tasawar se buhat jald maazrat kar key ghar lot aayein gay. Agar aap key yahan bachon ko sath le jane ka ahtamam nahi hota to tasalli karein keh kia aap ki ghair mojoodgi mein bache waqai so gaye hain aur un ki dekh bhal key liye koi motbar hasti koi buzurg , parents mein se koi aik shakhsiyat ya molazim mojood hai?

Nayi maan banne wali khawateen key liye shayad yeh buhat bara sawal ho keh kamsin bachon ko neend ki kitni zaroorat hoti hai. Niche amoomi rehnumayi key liye aik chart di jarahi hai keh aik normal bache ko umer key kis hisse mein kitni osat neend dar kar hoti hai. Albattah is mein koi shak nahi keh har bache zaroorat mukhtalif hoti hai, kis ko ziadah neend ki zaroorat hoti hai aur kisi ko kam

Bachon key aik mahir ka kehna hai keh aik baat zehan mein rakhye keh aksar bachon ko ziadah neend ki zaroorat hoti hai. Agar bacha kam sota hai aur raat ko aik baje se pehle bistar par nahi jata to parents samjhte hain keh use zizadah neend ki zaroorat nahi hai, yeh sayad durust nahi, dar haqiqat aisa bachah neend ki kami ka mareez hota hai. Aap dekhein keh jab aap ka abchah is aadat mein mubtila ho to apne aap se yeh sawalat karein

Kia aap ka bachah jab car mein hota hai to taqreeban har waqt sota rehta hai?

Kia aap apne abche ko taqreeban har subah jagate hain?

Kia aap ka bacha din mein chir chira koft ka shikar ya buhat thaka hua nazar aata hai?
Kia aap ka bacha raat ko waqt se pehle sota hai?

Agar aap ne in mein se kisi bhi sawal ka jawab han mein dia hai to aap ka bacha apni zarorat se kam neend leta hai. Is key maamulaat ko badalne key liye aap ko achi neend lene ki aadat dalni pare gi aur is ka makhsoos sone ka waqt banana hoga . Is key baad is ki neend poori ho jaye gi aur hashash bashash roshan aankhon key sath bedaar hoga.

Aur jab aap ka bachah bara hoga to woh din mein jhapkiyan lena band kare ga aur raat ko apne waqt par soye ga. School se qabal ya alimentary school key baad bhi elder student ko raat ko 10-11 ghante zaroorat hoti hai magar phir aahistah aahistah is key doranye mein kami aati jati hai. Jab aap ka bacha no umri ko punchta hai to ise raat ko 9- 10 ghante ki zaroorat parti hai aur ziadah tar bache itne hi ghante sote hain.

Bachon ko jaldi solane key liye agar aap clock deikh kar bachon key sone key awqaat moqarrar karein to samjhein ghatli hi karein gi. Yeh bache hain robot nahi in key sone key koi official awqaat kuch aur bhi ho sakte hain. Agar aap chahti hain keh moqarrar kar dah schedule key mutabiq woh so jayein to phir in key liye home work ka kia jana zaroori hai, yani unko nehane aur teeth brush karne ki muhim par rawa na kar dia jaye itne arse mein in key bed room ki roshniyan maddhim kar li jayein. Room saaf ho mosam acha ho AC ki zaroorat na ho to fan on kar dia jaye, khirkiyan kholni hon to pardon ki tarteeb durust kardi jaye. Un key sarhane pani ki bottele aur glass saliqah se rakh diye jayein aur bare bhi TV aahistah aawaz mein chalayein ya phir TV band kar dein aur shor o ghul na hone dein.

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