How to Read Your Tongue, White Tongue Treatment

How to Read Your Tongue, White Tongue Treatment
How to Read Your Tongue, White Tongue Treatment

Tongue health diagnosis pictures show you to find reasons behind your illness. Do you know about what is the healthy Tongue Color? Normal tongue appearance is discussed in below with details. Also Normal tongue pictures are shown in front of each tongue color.

Tongue Health Diagnosis Pictures & Conditions

How to read your tongue is a favorite question of everyone. Here in following we described shortly different status of tongue. The healthy tongue vs unhealthy tongue are differ in size and color wise. You can read more about tongue color chart regarding the same.

White Marks Tongue Health Diagnosis Pictures

Appearing of white marks on tongue indicates that there are significant problems. If the white marks & their shape are easily visible, then it can be easily treated. It is more commonly seen in patients suffering from malnutrition or diabetes. Read here how you can control diabetes without medicine.

Colored Tongue Health Diagnosis Pictures

Normal tongue has pink color with small bumps. These small bumps are known as taste buds. Our tongue is able to taste with the help of these taste buds. In case of infection, color of our tongue becomes red. It can be as acute fever, usually caused by throat breakthrough. Another rarely but dangerous disease is inflammation of the brain (migraine) that combines the entire body, including the kidney.

Swelled Tongue Health Diagnosis Pictures

Swelled tongue appeared without large papillae. This is usually a common sign of lack of folic acid & Vitamin B. Patients faces different infections by this. Gastric Cancer is the main reason when our tongue gets swelled.

Ups & Down Marked Tongue Health Diagnosis Pictures

Sometimes, Ups & Down marks appeared in case of pyramids. It comes to see more in the syndrome, sugar syndrome and Psoriasis. White red patches appeared as irregular border.

White Tongue Treatment

white tongue treatment

How to Read Your Tongue

How to Read Your Tongue

Tongue Diseases

tongue disease


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