Remedy for Colds, Pain in Throat, Ear and Eyes

Remedy for Colds, Pain in Throat, Ear and Eyes

Allium cepa is used principally for “colds”. There are various phases of these “colds”, in the nose, in the throat. The patient and all the phases of his “cold”, his coryza, his laryngitis, his cough, all his complaints, are aggravated by warmth, are worse in a warm room, excepting the tickling in the larynx, which is sometimes aggravated by drawing in cold air. In this way the cough is sometimes excited by cold air, but the patient himself is better in cold air and sensitive to heat. Most of the symptoms are worse in the evening, the symptoms of coryza, the “cold”, and the general symptoms these are the two most striking general features of Allium Cepa.

It is not strange that the old ladies used to bind onions on the ear for earache and around the neck for sore throats, for onion is very frequently indicated in almost every climate for the effects of cold. Cold, damp, penetrating winds, in any climate, are likely to bring on Allium Cepa complaints coryza, la grippe, influenza or whatever they may be called, and usually there is a congestive headache. Rawness in the nose, copious flow of water from the eyes, which is always bland; copious watery discharge from the nose, which is always excoriating. Rawness in the larynx and throat, extending down into the chest. Rawness in the nose. In twenty- four hours it reaches the larynx. Cough, excited by tickling in the larynx and when lying down at night in a warm room. On going to bed in the evening Allium has its most troublesome aggravation.

A watery discharge drips from the nose constantly, burns like fire, and excoriates the upper lip and the wings of the nose until there are rawness and redness. Notice that the fluid from the nose is excoriating and the fluid from the eyes bland.

The old mothers used to put onions on the baby’s ear when it had earache. That is not surprising, when we see all the pains and aches belonging to this remedy. Jerking pains from the throat toward the Eustachian tube. Violent earache, even to the discharge of pus from the ear. Ringing in the ears. stitches towards the ear from the forehead. Pain like thick threads drawing from deep within the head. Stitching, tearing pains in the ear, with whooping cough, with coryza, with laryngitis. In the household where a medicine case is kept Pulsatilla is the standard remedy for earache, and it is true that only occasionally has a doctor to be sent for. Pulsatilla has such a strong affinity for the ear that it will cure earache in almost all sensitive children who cry pitifully. With Pulsatilla, Chamomilla and Allium cepa you can cure the majority of earaches in children.

As to the eye-symptoms that accompany the Allium cepa colds, there is burning in the eyes the tears do not excoriate as they flow down over the cheek.

It is wonderful medicine for babies with colic. Cutting, rending, tearing pains drawing the poor little thing almost double. It screams with the violent cutting in the lower abdomen. “Stitching pains in the abdomen”. “Colicky pains beginning in the hepatic region and spreading over the whole abdomen, worse around the navel; worse when sitting”. Wind colic. Allium cepa is a wonderful remedy in whooping cough, and when it is indicated the child will often have indigestion, vomiting and flatulency; will pass offensive flatus, will be doubled up with colic. Allium cepa also cures a ragged, sensitive condition of the anus, with bleeding, in infants.

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