Pain In The Back Bone

Berberis Vulgaris [Kent’s] Remedy for Pain In The Back Bone

It is a very extensive remedy Like Benzoic acid, fits into the gouty and rheumatic sphere. The kidneys, liver, and heart are more or less disturbed in their functions and we see that Berberis takes hold of these organs. Irregularities of the urine. Copious discharges, alternating with scanty discharges. light urine and heavy urine, excessive deposits of uric acid and urates. It is changeable, like Benzoic acid These two remedies run very much together, yet their symptoms are wholly unlike.

We find that stitching pains are found in almost every region of the body. Pain in knee then it is in toes; then it is in his head, all over him. Finally the gouty deposits become prominent in the fingers, and after the gout has determined itself, then we have sore fingers; but these correspond more particularly to Ledum, Sulphur, Aesculus and Lycopodium, where the disease has become marked and has located in the joints.

In Berberis these twinging, tearing, stitching, burning pains are everywhere, they never remain in one place, but are always moving, and they are not often affected by motion.

If it is the knee joint, they will go up, and down, and every way; if it is the finger joint, they will run in every direction. If it is the kidney, they will go down the ureters, if it is the liver, they will go down into the abdomen in every direction. “Radiating from a particular point”, is a distinguishing feature, and it puts Berberis almost alone for radiating pains. This is such a strong feature that Berberis has cured renal colic in many instances because of its well known ability to shoot out in every direction. It cures gall-stone colic when these little twinges go in every direction from that locality. We see these twinging, shooting pains in gouty constitutions are associated with urinary troubles, and with liver troubles.

Symptoms of Berberis Vulgaris

The joints sometimes swell. “Enlargement of the joints”. But the swelling is not so common as the pains without swelling. Soreness, lameness in the joints, with these radiating pains. The patient has a sickly look; face pale, earthly complexion, with sunken cheeks and hollow, blue-encircled eyes. That is a description of a sick face. Berberis has been very useful in phthisical conditions and in the pains, and twinging, and sufferings in persons who have been operated on for fistula in ano. When the fistula has been closed, these pains will come if it is a Berberis case. The kidney manifestations will come on, or the liver manifestations, or the enfeebled heart, or these wandering pains.

The kidneys and the urinary organs come in for their troubles. There is such a soreness in the lumbar region, in the region of the kidneys, that he can bear no pressure Soreness in the back; in the muscles of the back, and in the region of the kidneys; and this associated with all sorts of disturbances in the urine, with excessive deposits. The kidneys radiate in every direction. Pains run up into the kidney, and they become worn out if he does not get relief.  Hence we have these symptoms. “Burning and soreness in the region of the kidneys. Burning stitches, single or several in succession, in region of loins and kidneys. Much pain, soreness and tenderness in back, in the region of the kidneys. Pains run up into the kidney, and down into the bladder.

Berberis Especially Fits A Woman Who Is  Physically  Tired

Berberis especially fits a woman who is tired, with a gouty constitution; though not old in years she is physically tired, so that all of her domestic affairs fret and tire her. Coition becomes painful, and she has an aversion to it. The orgasm is delayed, or is entirely absent, and she is prostrated by it. In all the affairs of her innermost life she is a drudge. Full of twinging pains in all of her nerves. “Burning in female urethra. Burning pain in the vagina”. A lack of sensation normal to these parts in the woman.

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