Tips for Improve Eyesight

Tips for Improve Eyesight

Vision problems are quickly becoming a common disease, even children are spending more time in front of computer or TV straining their eyes one of the leading causes is strain and fatigue of the eye. Eyesight can become weak due to a number of reasons. Fluorescent lights, computer screens, environmental allergens, reading in dim lighting, and constant rubbing of the eyes all play a role in diminishing your vision. Poor vision afflicts people worldwide, Here in this post I share some natural way to improve your eye vision. Try these Tips for improve eyesight that helps to improve eyesight and to obtain sharper vision.

Diet for Healthy Eyes

Here are some diet tips you should follow for healthy eyes:

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Almonds, raisins and figs are elixirs for the eyes. To help them cope with the demands of your day-to-day activities with this home remedy. Soak six to ten almonds, fifteen raisins and two anjeers overnight in some water. Eat them on an empty stomach in the morning. The high amount of fiber and vitamins in these fruits helps speed up the digestive processes and helps the body get rid of toxins,

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

Eat Copper-rich foods, Include foods rich in vitamin A into your daily diet. Foods rich in these nutrients also have been found to prevent age-related macular generation — a leading cause of blindness. Some of these foods include dark leafy greens, egg yolks, yellow peppers, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oranges and anjeer or fig.

Use Carrot and Amla Juice

Another good home remedy for eye related disorders is to have one cup of carrot and amla juice, on an empty stomach in the morning. Carrot and amla have a lot of vitamin A and are store houses of antioxidants that help beat the ill effects of oxidative stress in the body.

Use Fish Oil

The easiest way to consume DHA(fatty acid) is through supplementation. A high-quality mercury-free fish oil supplement will provide structural support for the eyes through strengthening cell membranes.

Drink lot of water

Water is beneficial for the entire body. Drinking an adequate amount of pure filtered  water will prevent total-body dehydration, and subsequently dry eyes.

Wash your eyes with Eye washer

Avoid washing eyes with splashing water directly into the eyes, instead you can use eyewash liquid.  In the morning wash your eyes with eyewash liquid twice a day. This eyewash helps relax and relieve stress in the eyes.

Eyes Exercise

Rub your hands together to create warmth, and then put them over your eyes for 5  seconds. Repeat this process 3 times.

Give Rest to Eyes

When we look at objects like a computer or phone screen the eyes and the muscles around the eyes are worked excessively as they are trying to adjust to the light that is emitted from the screen. This constant adjustment to quickly changing images or text is what causes the structures within the eye to get strained. Eyes need rest after every 50 minutes spent reading or sitting in front of a computer screen, give your eyes a rest for 10 minutes. Cupping your hands over your closed eyes ensuring that no light is reaching them is a great way to relax them. Be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night for not only rested and recovered eyes, but a rested and recovered body as well.

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