Wazifa for Ending Quarrel

Wazifa for Ending Quarrel

Benefits of Ya Wadoodo  Ya Wadoodo Ya Wudud 

Allah is Waddod because he puts love in the hearts of His creature. When Allah is kind with His creature then His creature loves Him more. Who calls Allah with this name (Ya Wadood) Allah bless him with His blessings. There are many effects and benefits of Ya Wadud  wazaif. Here I share some wafifa of Ya Wadoodo Ya Wudud.

The Wazifa For Allah Love                                      

If some one recite Ya Wadudu for 11000 times for 10 days then in his heart, the love of Allah will born and the love for world will remove. Allah will also bless this person with His unlimited blessings.

Wazifa for Good Relations with Relatives

 If someone want good relation with his relatives then he recite Ya Wadud for 3125 times for 40 days and then make prayer and recite dua for good and strong relations with his relatives. With the blessing of this wazifa Allah make strong relation between him and his relatives.

Benefits of Ya Wadoodo  Ya Wadoodo Ya Wudud In Urdu

Wazifa for make Naughty Animal Obedient

If animals like horse, cow, goat, sheep or camel not obedient with his master, then this wazifa will help him to make animal obedient. Recite Ya Waddod for 2000 times on animal meal and give the meal to eat, for 3 days. With the blessing of this Wazifa animal will obedient and will not disturb the person again.

Wazifa for Restore Relation

If there is a quarrel between two people, and one of them repeats this Name 1000 times over some food and has the other person eat the food, there will be no disagreement between them.

Wazifa for Resolve Trouble of Love

This wazifa is the solution that will help you to get rid of the love issues. It is very helpful for those people who are getting troubles in love and suffer is growing each and every day then it will be great solution to get rid of the problems. Make a bowl of mud and fill with Rose water, then recite Ya Waddoo 800 times and imagines face of your lover and drink this rose water. Repeat this wazifa for 11 days, with the blessing of this love is created in your lover heart for you.

Wazifa To Attract Some One Towards You

If a person want to attract someone towards him then he recites Ya Wadudu 12500 times for 40 days  then after gap of 3 days recite Ya Wadud 1100 times then your wish will come true and person will attract towards you.

Wazifa for Your Wife Fall In Love with You

Recite Ya Wadoodo 12500 time for 11 days and at 11th day reciting Ya Wadud blew on a glass and give water to your wife to drink. With the blessing of this name wish of person will come true and his wife will love him from the core of from her heart and will be obedient to him. This wazifa is also for women who want that their husband talk with her politely , care her with love. Read this wazifa Ya Wadud for husband love.

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  1. The wazifa of 12500 for 11 days to develop love in my wife.
    Do i need to recite Ya Wadoodoo 12500 times everyday? Or is it a total of 12500 to be completed in 11 days?

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