Why We Gain Weight, How To Stop Gaining Weight

Why We Gain Weight And How To Stop Gaining Weight
Why We Gain Weight, How To Stop Gaining Weight

It is pretty straightforward if we take in more energy or calories. We gain weight the fat from food is broken down into fatty acids which can travel in the blood and be captured by hungry. In fat cells which have an unlimited capacity and those fat cells are then stored in LaBute a genetics and environment can play a role in weight gain too but overall to burn off one plane 500 calorie fast-food burger you’d have to run for about an hour.

Reasons Why You Gain Weight 

When people get to the age of 50, no one gets surprised if they get fat, sick, and tired. In fact, every year from the age of 25 to 50, the average American puts 1 to 2 pounds of fat.  Five main reasons why we gain weight is as under.

Reason Number One, Muscle Mass Loss

Now, imagine if you could have a device that you plug into your body and it burns calories without you having to do anything. That would be super cool, right? In fact, this already exists and it’s called muscle. This is exactly what muscle does for the body.

After the age of 30, the studies show that we lose 3% to 8% of our muscle per decade. Once you lose 5 pounds of muscle, every 24 hours your body will burn 250 calories less than if you had that muscle on and that means that over the course of 14 days, you get 1 pound of fat accumulating in your body. And we lose muscle mainly because we either don’t use them often or because we do too many cardiovascular activities.

The thing that you need to do here is just lift heavy things. Go exercise and do strength training. Going to the gym may be the most helpful thing for you to lose weight.

Reason Number Two, Lack Of Activity Levels

There is a difference between physical exercise and physical activity. Physical exercise is all the movement that you do for a purpose of improving your fitness levels. When you go for a run or when you go to the gym. Physical activity is the unintentional movement. It’s when you stand up and walk to get a coffee or walk from your car to the office. When we are kids we just want to play and move and when we are teenagers and university students this is still fairly high.

But as we get a job, we spend the whole day sitting at office and at home, we sit to watch TV. We commute in our cars also sitting and when we gather our friends, most of our outings is about sitting and talking most of the time.

The difference between someone who has a job sitting the entire day and the other person whose job gets them to walk and stand most of the time may be up to 700 calories per day. This means if these two people ate the same every day, the person who sits throughout the entire day may gain one pound of fat per week.

Now, the solution for this is pretty easy, as well. You just need to get more active. Park your car further from the office and walk. Have meetings while you walk. Also, walk when you are on the phone. Try to have a standing desk that you can stand and work. At home, doing things like gardening and cleaning can spend 100 calories per hour.  

Reason Number Three Relationship With Food

Think when we were a kid, we really didn’t care much about food unless it’s a sweet, but most of the time we just want to play, just want to come outside. But then parents and people around reward us with food. When we do well, we get food. When we do bad, we get food. Life is that thing that happens in between meals, right?

This is one of the worst changes that we go through that makes us gain weight as we age. The solution for this doesn’t need to be complicated. There are so many options. I can go low-carb, I can go low-fat. The main thing that you need to change to give you 80% of all those benefits is just

ditching all the processed food and having more natural food. By processed food, I mean anything that is industrialized, from sodas to granola bars to refined grains and refined sugars and all the things that comes in cans and packets.

There is research between two groups of people. One group had a low-carb diet. The other group had a low-fat diet. The main guideline for both groups was cut all the processed foods. Over the course of 1 year, there were people that lost up to 60 pounds.

After one year, the group that was in the low-carb lost 13 pounds on average and the group that was on low-fat lost pounds on average. So you see that it’s more or less the same. Low-carb, low-fat more or less the same as long as you cut all the processed food.

Reason Number Four, Is Stress And Lack Of Sleep

When you’re young this is usually something that is not part of your life. Stress and lack of sleep comes as we get jobs and as we start to worry about our families and about our own personal issues.

Now stress does a really interesting thing to you. Higher levels of stress leads people to poor food choices. Usually, when stress is high, we tend to choose foods that combine high carbohydrates and high fat at the same time because they are more comforting, but it also slows down your metabolism.

One study from the University of Ohio got a group of women and gave them a high-calorie, high-fat meal and then they tested their calorie expenditure throughout the rest of the day. For the women who had a stressful event in the previous 24 hours, they spent 104 calories less than the women who had a nice day before and if that happens every day over the course of 1 year, the most stressful women would get 11 pounds of fat gain just because of stress.

Lack of sleep brings us imbalances in hormones that make us feel full and therefore leads us to have choices for food that are high in calories, as well. Lack of sleep also leads us to more stress and that feeds the entire loop. But the solution here also is not complicated. First one, get adequate sleep. Second, have a mindfulness practice, something like yoga. Third, spend more time with people that you love. Play, have more time for the family that makes you feel relaxed and decreases stress levels.

Reason Number Five, Hormonal Imbalances

We know that men after 40 years old get a drop in testosterone levels and women go through menopause, yet those changes are not supposed to make us gain weight. In fact, there’s a study that was published in the ‘Mid-life Journal’ that it got a group of women in India throughout their menopause and they instructed those women to do a couple of lifestyle changes while going through menopause.

Things like getting them to do strength training, getting them to become more active in the home, taking the stairs and walking a bit more, getting them to ditch processed foods, yoga and meditation was obligatory every day, and these women lost weight during their menopause.

If we brought our ancestors from thousands of years ago to live with us today, they would be baffled to see the way we drive our bodies today because their bodies were a lot stronger and healthier. But the good thing is that getting our bodies as we age to a better state is just a result of our lifestyle choices. If you want to know more or if you have a couple of questions, let me know in this comment and let’s keep on having a conversation about health and fitness.

Reasons Why You Gain Weight In Urdu

Reasons Why You Gain Weight

Why We Gain Weight

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