Natural Remedy For Diabetic Wound Treatment At Home

Diabetic Foot Wound Home Treatment
Natural Remedy For Diabetic Wound Treatment At Home

Diabetes foot and wound care is essential to treat on its initial stage. Sometimes wound get by stubbing your toe, getting blister from tight shoes or nick your chin. If you have diabetes, don’t ignore about diabetic foot wound. Proper treatment may prevent you from diabetic foot ulcer. Diabetes wound care on its initial stage will help you avoid infection and speed healing.

Why Diabetic Foot Cure is Essential

In diabetes (a chronic disease) your body failed to use glucose or sugar at actual. This will cause or produce a number of complications. In such cases, diabetic foot ulcer occurs and surgeon have no other option except remove infected portion from your body. That’s why diabetic wound care is so essential at its initial stage.

Following are also tell us the importance of diabetic wound care;
  • Neuropathy (Nerve damage)

In Neuropathy, patient of it’s never feel any type of pain (cut pain, hit pain etc) until the same has grown worse or infected.

  • Immune System

Whenever your body’s natural defensive power may down or low, a minor wound or cut will become infected.

  • Narrow Arteries

A man who have narrow arteries may face the following difficulties;

  • High rate of developing wounds

  • Severe wound infections

  • Slow rate of healing wounds

Narrow patches creates resistance in the flow of blood into wound area. As we know, flow of blood is essential for healing of wound. So, slow rate of blood flow also effect healing or recovery of wounds. Know how to cure severe pain in 05 minute.

Diabetes Wound Care

Remember, even a small wound in diabetes may create infection and hurdle in healing. However, following are some important points for diabetic patients for wound care;

  • Ignorance

If you are diabetic patient and get some injury then don’t ignore it. Take care of the wound immediately. As brief earlier that a small wound in diabetes may create problem in healing.

  • Clean Properly

Whenever you get wound, clean it properly first. Dirt create more bacteria, so rinse your wound under running water once. Don’t use anything else which irritate the injured portion. Apply antibiotic ointment that prevent your injury from infection. After doing that, just cover the wound with cotton bandage always.

  • Change Bandage Daily

Change the bandage on daily basis. While changing your wound dressing, clean the affected skin around the wound with the help of antibiotic soap.

  • Inspect Wound

Inspection of your wound on daily basis especially in case when you have diabetes is essentially required. Note any signs of infection and if yes, contact your skin doctor quickly. Doctor will take decision for wound care on its current condition. know about fast relief here.

Diabetic Foot Cure

The best idea to safe you from diabetic foot problems is to prevent wounds on its initial stage. For said purpose you have to need following things to do;

Check Diabetic Foot

Check your feet on daily basis. Don’t ignore if you find any little blisters, calluses, chafing, and redness marks on your feet. Infect, it is one and most important thing that can save you from diabetic foot problems.

  • Small Infection Can Bigger

If you have diabetes, then you must pay attention to your skin. You need to check small, minor skin problems such as infected hair follicles or especially the area around your feet fingernails. This is where generally foot problems were started.

  • Moisturizing Your Feet

It is also seen that dryness of feet skin creates rashes and itchiness. You must have skin free from itchiness and rashes. Due to rashes of feet skin, chances of foot blister will high. So, always moisturize your feet. Use of moisturizer keep your skin soft and supple. Avoid extra moisturizing in between finger gap and area fingernail.

  • Proper Footwear

A diabetic foot always need special care to avoid any type of rash, cut, itchiness, rub. So always use footwear which one is friendly to your feet. Too much tightness and looseness of shoes will also create problems and lead diabetic foot issues.

  • Diabetic Socks

Choose the right diabetic socks. Here by diabetic socks we mean socks made specifically for people with diabetes. Diabetic socks wick moisture away from feet skin. Avoid other socks that having seams. Diabetic Socks are available in many on-line stores as well as from market.

  • Manage Diabetes

Manage your diabetes in daily routine life by walk, medicine or such other method which one you are using.

What Helps Diabetic Wounds Heal Faster?

Here are some tips that helps diabetic wounds heal faster. First of all cleanse the affected area with soap and water daily. Dry the area well after washing, and apply an antibiotic ointment to keep the sore germ-free. You will feel better and heal faster if you keep pressure off the wound. Make sure you’re not stepping directly on your wound.

Does Diabetic Wounds Heal Faster

Diabetic Wounds healing time depends on many factors, such as wound size, wound location, and pressure on the wound while walking or standing, swelling, circulation, blood glucose levels, wound care, and what is being applied to the wound. Mostly diabetic wounds healing if care properly may occur within weeks or require several months in some cases.

Home Remedy For Diabetic Foot Ulcer

New treatment using pure oxygen therapy that is applied at home appears effective in speeding up healing of diabetic-related foot ulcers and reducing recurrence.

New Wound Therapy—Topical Pure Oxygen–Appears Effective in Healing Food Ulcers.

Understanding How the Oxygen Study Was Conducted.

Diabetic Foot Wound Treatment

Take one big bowl of boiled water. When the water get its normal temperature, insert two tablespoon of salt in this. Mix the salt well. After getting mixture, dip your diabetic foot in this salted water. Wash your diabetic foot feet daily. After washing, dry them carefully, including between the toes. This is ever best home treatment for healing diabetic foot & wound care.

Best Ointment For Diabetic Wound

Triderma Diabetic Ulcer Defense Healing Cream 4 oz tube promote fast healing for hard-to-heal sores, cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns, skin breakdown or other minor to severely damaged skin. It contains no Cortisone or other harmful drugs making it safe and effective to use as often as needed.

 Why Diabetic Foot Cure is Essential

Why Diabetic Foot Cure is Essential

Diabetic Foot Wound Treatment In Urdu

Diabetic Foot Wound Treatment In Urdu

Natural Remedy For Diabetic Wound Ayat Shifa For Diabetic Wound

Ayat Shifa For Diabetic

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