Remedy For Burning Feet And Hands, Hath Paon Mein Jalan Ka Ilaj

Remedy For Burning Feet And Hands, Hath Paon Mein Jalan Ka Ilaj
Burning Sensation In hands and feet Cure – Sensitive Skin Care

Burning Sensation in feet and hands is now a common health issue with girls and guys. Burning sensation in the legs and feet are usually occurs some basic reasons behind it. We have write in detailed regarding remedy for burning feet diabetes and cure for burning feet syndrome.

There are a number of several burning feet reasons. Firstly we should need to know or determine actual reason behind the illness. After getting the right information, cure for burning sensation in hands as well as in feet could be possible.

Burning Sensation In Feet And Hands

Normally, stomach burning considers main cause behind the burning-sensation in hands and feet. Due to stomach burning, its effect transfer in hand and feet skin. Usually, Skin burning of hands and feet are known as symptoms of stomach burning.

Sore burning toes as well as burning pain in hands and feet are unbearable. The same was turns in more complications when the patient have diabetes. Diabetes and burning feet is so sensitive in this regard.

Burning Feet Reasons

Burning feet may have several reasons or causes. As stated earlier, stomach problem is one of the most and common cause of burning feet reasons. Ice and cold milk is very helpful with respect to burning pain in hand and wrist cure. Diabetic feet burning patients must need to care for their wounds in this regard.

Remedy for Burning Sensation In Feet And Hands

If you are still facing problem like following, then this remedy is for you. Use this remedy and it will surely end said health issues in few days completely;

  • Burning Sensation In Hands

  • Numbness In Hands

  • Sometimes Burning Sensation In Thigh

  • Burning Sensation In Back

  • Burning Sensation On Skin

Just take the flowers of Neem (less quantity). The second and final thing you must need for this formula is 250 litter of water. Dip these flowers at night and at early morning take out them from water. Grind these wet flowers well. Formula for cure of this burning sen. in feet and hands is ready for its use.

Direction for Use

Just divide the quantity of formula into three equal parts. Now, patient take one dose in morning, one in noon and the final at the time to bed.

Hath Paon Ki Jalan Ka Ilaj

Hath Paon Ki Jalan Ka Ilaj

Hath Paon Mein Jalan Ka Ilaj

Hath Paon Mein Jalan Ka Ilaj

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