How To Control Diabetes Without Medicine

How To Control Diabetes Without Medicine
How To Control Diabetes Without Medicine

Take Pomegranate Seeds, Podina and Ginger Powder with equal amount. Mix all the ingredients well after grinding them. Take one tablespoon after every meal (normally 03 times in a day). This is the best and guaranteed diabetes control home remedy.

 5 Easy Ways to Control Diabetes without Medication

Here are 11 different methods from which you can control of diabetes (blood sugar) without medication;

1.                   Four Day Work Out

To control diabetes effectively, you need to do consistent exercise program that includes cardiovascular routines, resistance or weight training and flexibility training at least four days per week. Working out this routine makes your body more sensitive with respect to insulin. This means that glucose is able to get down to the very cell level where it can be used for needed energy or be stored.

2.                 Take a five Minute Break 

(being inactive for long periods)

Inactive for long periods or sitting at one place for couple of hours is one of the short-comings of our modern society. It results in poor control of our blood sugar levels. Keep a timer close at hand and set it for half an hour intervals. Take a five minute break at that time and do an active stretch at your desk or work area or go for a walk.

3.                 Leave Carb Foods

We all know about importance of exercises to control diabetes. Just like exercise, we must need to avoid or leave the foods which rich with extra carbohydrates. A carb person loves to eat breads, excess pasta, and starchy foods like potatoes. All the rich carbohydrates foods welcome diabetes. Just replace these foods with natural diet.

4.                 Eat fibrous foods

You know, fiber will not broke however passes through our digestive system. When we eat fibrous food, fiber will slow down our body’s absorption of carbohydrates. It also adds bulk to our stool. Add foods containing soluble fiber – fruits, legumes, grains – to your diet. Other types of foods with good fiber are vegetables like cabbage, leafy greens, and carrots; also grab a handful of nuts and seeds on the way out the door since most are full of fiber.

5.                 Proper sleeping

 You must give your body good quality sleep at night. Because diabetics have more glucose in their blood they tend to have limited sleep pattern. The main cause of this is the need to get rid of excess sugar by urinating more often. If you have to wake-up two, three or more times each night your days will not go well. You need about 7.5 hours of sleep each night – some more, some less.

How To Control Diabetes Without Medicine In Urdu

how to control diabetes naturally

how to control diabetes without medicine

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