Dry Gangrene Treatment Home, Sugar K Sakim ka ilaj

Dry Gangrene Treatment Home, Sugar K Sakim ka ilaj
Dry Gangrene Treatment Home, Sugar K Sakim ka ilaj

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Table of Content

·                       Gangrene

·                       What is Dry Gangrene?

·                       How You Safe from Gangrene

·                       Dry Gangrene Treatment

·                       Natural Dry Gangrene Treatment Home

·                       Formula of Dry Gangrene Treatment


Gangrene is a condition that happens when body tissue passes on. It is caused by lost blood supply because of fundamental sickness, damage, as well as disease. Fingers, toes, and appendages are frequently influenced, however gangrene can likewise happen inside the body, harming organs and muscles.

What is Dry Gangrene?

Dry gangrene is because of drawn out ischaemia (dead tissue), ie deficient oxygenation or absence of blood stream. Ischaemia influencing proximal veins for the most part influences the lower appendages. Ischaemia of the peripheries may cause gangrene of fingers as well as toes.

How You Safe from Gangrene

Be aware and remember that Gangrene is on initial stage is just appears as minor wound. If you have diabetes, here is some useful tips for you. Diabetic patients should care while walking. Don’t use shoes which they don’t feel comfortable. If any wound or cut appears in body, clean properly. Apply salt mixed water on your wound as first aid. It acts as gangrene treatment antibiotics.

Dry Gangrene Treatment

As stated above, dry gangrene treatment at home is possible. For this purpose you have to need only two natural ingredients. There are 847 patients out of 1150 gangrene have already been cured with this natural gangrene treatment procedure. However, with our point of view the patients who have not been cured are only due to their misunderstanding of procedure. The patients, who understand and follow the procedure as per details given below, get cured 100%. Even, in some of medical cases, the surgeons took the decision to remove toe, foot or complete leg. Someone referred them to visit www.itechnhealth.com to read complete procedure of Gangrene Treatment. Such visitors successfully been cured and now a regular visitor of www.itechnhealth.com

Natural Treatment Of Dry Gangrene

The natural way of gangrene treatment at home is quite simple. Don’t be worried for typical Or Dozens of ingredients you should need. Only two ingredients you have to need for making the formula.

  • Sesame Seeds Oil        —- 100 Grams

  • Margosa Leafs             —- 4 tablespoon (dry powder form

Formula of Dry Gangrene Treatment

Take the Fresh Morgosa Leafs. After cleaning leafs with water, place these leafs into sunlight for dry purpose. After getting dried form of leafs, grind all leafs well. You only needs 04 tablespoon of this grinded form of leafs. Now insert the leaf powder into Sesame seeds oil. Turn on the burner. When the powder of leafs burnt completely in oil, turn off the burner. Now, with the help of cotton, apply the oil on gangrene affected area. Bandage the gangrene spot after the same. Only one week is required for dry gangrene treatment. However, continue the same in normal gangrene.

Sugar K Sakim ka ilaj In Urdu

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