Homemade Remedy For Arthritis

Homemade Remedy For Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a serious condition in which a person’s joints places where two bones are connected become painful, swollen and stiff. In later life she was crippled with arthritis. Arthritis is common worldwide disease in which patient feels pain in his bone’s joints. It occurs after the age of 40 years. It has several reasons. However, there are many medicines are available for cure of joints pain in local market but these are too costly. On the other hand the remaining cheap price medicines have too many side effects. Therefore in USA and throughout the world, the peoples are searching for Arthritis Cure Remedy.

Reason of Arthritis

Why we are facing arthritis, obesity, digestive disorders, gas, evaporation, acid, cholesterol, and high blood pressure in our daily routine life?

The answer of this question is too simple i.e FAST FOODS. Fast foods effected our life badly. The first thing is to plan avoid unhealthy foods. Remember that Fast Foods, soft drinks, fried foods, spicy and barbecues are main cause of obesity. Obesity leads muscle tension, physical weakness, stress, arthritis, cholesterol, constipation and gas evaporation. Due to these foods I just like as psychiatric patient. Why we eat simple meal when we feeling sickness?

Homemade Remedy For Arthritis

To cure yourself from all the three diseases mentioned above especially Arthritis, just carried out the following most effective homemade remedy for requisite purpose:-

Take the following ingredients;

  1. Millet —-                 1 KG

  2. Black Chanay —- 1 KG

  3. Lentil ——-             1KG

  4. Red Beans —–        1KG

  5. Wheat —–               5KG


Grind all the above mentioned ingredients. You will get the powder form from all of these. Now make bread from this flour and eat this in morning and evening. This should your first step towards the healthy and Diseases free life. You can also make other dishes with the help of this flour.


            You get several advantages by eating above mentioned food which is described as following;

  1. You have never feel Arthritis Pain In future.

  2. Digestive disorders, Gas, Evaporation problems will also be cured.

  3. Relief in High Blood Pressure.

  4. Back Pain and Joints Pain will also be cured.

Homemade Remedy For Arthritis In Urdu


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