How to Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking
Caladium Homeopathy Remedy
Remedy for absent mindedness | Give up or Stop Smoking | Weakness of the Mind

Caldium is very useful remedy for people who are very forgetful, have weak memory and also people who are willing to give up smoking or stop smoking habit.

Caladium is a wonderful remedy, it is a difficult medicine to understand because they were so strange, he could not relate his mental state. This remedy is very useful for people who are Very forgetful, or cannot remember. An individual puts his mind to bear upon something which seems to have taken place during the day, but he is not quite sure whether it took place or not, he finds himself looking into the things that should have been done they have simply escaped his mind he has forgotten them. This led to the use of Caladium for a good many different kinds of mental affections, loss of memory where there is that vague state of mind.

Use of Caladium for Absent Mended People

This remedy is very useful for people who are a state of absent mindedness due to weakness of the mind. People who are unable to put there ideas into speech, this remedy is also useful in fevers that are continued. Caladium is useful in all sorts of nervous conditions.

Use of Caladium for Stopping Smoking or Give up Tobacco

The nervous symptoms of tobacco are similar to those of Caladium, and Caladium is useful in all sorts of nervous conditions, the effect of tobacco and cigarette smoking. It has a number of times turned the patient entirely away from his cigar, cigarate and removes the overwhelming craving that prevents smokers breaking off their habit. Headaches and mental states in smokers.

Use of Caladium for Sexual Weakness

Forgetfulness in persons who are mentally and physically prostrated from sexual excesses or from tobacco poisoning. It is indicated in old debauches who are unable to perform the marital act. He has the most tantalizing craving for the opposite sex with no ability to perform coitus. Lascivious ideas. Such men stand on the street corner and feast upon the forms of passing girls, and their semen dribbles away; a state also found in Picric acid and Selenium. You can only cure these patients if they desire to reform, and if you can inspire them to live a better life. Without this you cannot save them, and those who take delight in such things are not worth saving, and medicine will not take hold of them. To cure, the patient must use his will to help the remedy.

Use of Caladium for Control Nervous System

Extremely nervous; afraid of his own shadow; awake all night with lascivious thoughts, apprehensions, especially before going to sleep; afraid of the future.

Symptoms of Caladium

The patient in general is aggravated by warmth and the warm room, and ameliorated by cool open air. Yet he wants warm drinks in the stomach. Longs for beer without a decided thirst. Eats without hunger and drinks without thirst. Nervous fantastic things run through the remedy showing its relation to neurasthenic and hysterical patients.

There are also many urinary symptoms. Urine offensive, putrid, scanty. Pulsating in the stomach after walking; empty feeling, fluttering in the stomach.

Violent sexual desire with relaxed penis. The most striking symptom of the female sexual organs is the pruritus; she is compelled to scratch, and the torment reduces her in body and mind. There are some strange sleep symptoms. Kept awake by crawling, Sleeplessness, restless sleep; anxious, vivid dreams.

Remedy for  Stop Smoking In Urdu

Remedy for  Stop Smoking In Urdu


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