Height Badhane Ka Tarika, Foods that Make You Taller

Height Badhane Ka Tarika In Urdu-Qad Lamba Karne Ka Tareeqa
How to Get Taller, Best Foods that Make You Taller

Get taller and increase you height upto 6 inch in just 30 days. We here listed foods that make you taller. Include these foods that make you taller into daily routine. Grow taller by only with one food is quite possible. Well, this hundred percent be guaranteed that by doing following, height can be increased to a half cm in a week. If you also want it, you can try the following methods.

Best Foods that Make You Taller

If you want to increase your height, the presence of food, calcium, iron, and other elements including vitamins D, essential for physical functions, should have a golden habit on a hard surface.

Sleep Well For Get Taller

Yes, even during sleep you can increase your height, taking a waist bill for ten minutes, adds five mm to the height, due to which the spine stems throughout the day and after the latitude She returns into her original form. There are a few special exercises to maintain this length, but in case of an adult person (over 25 years of age), it is very likely and no shocking results will come out. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease has also a hurdle to get taller.

Get Taller By Cycling Hobby

If you want to tall get taller, then after riding on a bicycle, adjust the set in a way that your legs have to draw more to reach the pedal, but do not even raise the ass too much or can damage the joints.

Hanging Exercise to Get Taller

This is an easy exercise to get taller in a week. Hang on once and hang on there as long as you can increase gradual time, this exercise strengthens spinal cord and stomach.

Shoulder Stand & Get Taller

Put the body on the waist’s ground and then lift the head and shoulders on the ground, and take the rest of the body into the air, it is necessary for the exercise of the body to keep the body aligned, or the risk of the needle.

Cobra Exercise Get Taller

How to do a Cobra Exercise? Lift on the ground of the stomach and tear your hands over the ground and elevate the head and the chest like a snake, it is also useful for exercise, waist, and other parts.

Flexibility Exercise For Get Taller

Stand straight and then try to touch the ground with both hands, your head and body in the pods are close to the knees, initially try to bend as much as possible and gradually bend.


Bounce with the help of dowry or bouncing at any location is helpful, in this case, bones and arms are strong, while the time passes somewhat in the height.


Swimming heightening exercises can be considered at the top, the burden on the inside of the underwater bone is very low, while the joints are more open, which makes it easier for heightening.

Height Badhane Ka Tarika In Urdu

height badhane ka tarika

qad lamba karne ka tareeqa

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