Phulbehri Treatment Without Laser Surgery

Phulbehri Treatment Without Laser Surgery
Phulbehri Treatment Without Laser Surgery

Vitiligo treatment without laser surgery is essentially required for its patients. Today, we are sharing such a unique and 100% effective home Phulbehri Treatment. The people who have already been affected with vitiligo should follow this remedy.

Causes of Phulbehri (Vitiligo)

There are no exact cause of vitiligo is known till date. In most of the cases, experts believe that it is an autoimmune condition. In such cases immune system mistakenly attacks. Due to which destruction of certain cells within the body occurs. Majority of people affected with vitiligo will develop the condition prior to age 40. may have a genetic component, as the condition tends to run in families.

It is also experienced that Vitiligo is a genetic component. The condition tends to run in families. Sometimes vitiligo appears due to several medical conditions, including thyroid dysfunction. There is no way to determine if vitiligo will spread or remain confined to one location. As earlier stated that vitiligo is not painful and does not have significant health disorders; however, have emotional and psychological consequences. One who is affected with Vitiligo needs special care with respect to other’s behavior.

Vitiligo Treatment or Phulbehri Treatment

Tarkool is one with the help of which we made our roads. Take pure tarkool in and insert carotene oil in to it. Get the liquid gel form of this mixture. Take a simple layer of that liquid on dressing. Cover the wet dressing on your affected portion. Leave the dressing till next 24 hours. On next day, repeat the process again. You only needs 10 to 15 days for removal of complete white marks from your skin. This is efor ver best home remedy as Phulbehri treatment.

Phulbehri Treatment in Urdu
Phulbehri Treatment in Urdu
Vitiligo Treatment or Phulbehri Treatment
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