Download Ism e Azam Calculator And Find Names Adad Ism e Azam

Download Ism e Azam Calculator And Find Names Adad Ism e Azam

Ism e Azam

Ism e Azam is in fact hidden in the names of Allah. Ism e Azam can change your lives. Every Muslim is in search of Ism e Azam but people face difficulties to find Ism e Azam. In this post I share Isme Azam Calculator, this calculator developed a formula for finding the Ism e Azam of your name. This calculator is very effective and many people find their ism e azam by using this calculator. You can easily find the Ism e Azam of your name using this program. Know the name of Almighty Allah which resonate with your name and recite it daily in your prayers. Inshallah by the power of Ism e Azam Allah Almighty will give you whatever you want.

According to the knowledge of Quran Isme-Azam contains the Great name of Allah. Many people know the benefits of Ism e Azam but they struggle to get his/her Ism e Azam and even if success to find one they get it wrong. If you do not know how to know your own ism e Azam then this article is very helpful for you. In this article you can learn very simple method to find to your personal Ism e Azam.

Ism e Azam Calculator

ISM e AZAM Calculator is an Islamic Software that calculates The Holy Names of ALLAH. This calculator based on concepts of Ilm e Jafar/Abjad/Ilm Ul Adaad. This calculator can Calculate Adaad of ISM of any person. This calculator is very easy to use Just type your name and press Enter. Be sure to type your full name correctly to get the Isma Azam. User is just needs to entering his/her name in Urdu language. Thus Ism e Azam Calculate the exact digits according to his/her name. You can download this calculator form link given below:-

Download Calculator For Ism E Azam


Features of Ism e Azam Calculator

The good feature of Ism e Azam Calculation is not only to find exact digits. It will also provide a complete list of matching Ism e Azam according to your name.

How to Use Ism e Azam Calculator

To use Ism e Azam Calculator you need to install Ism e Azam Calculator Software first. The downloading link is given in above. After downloading and installation of Ism e Azam Calculator in to your personal computer, open it. You will see a window like this.


  1. Enter your name in Urdu Language.

  2. Click on tick sign given in right Top (Green Tick Sign). Now Calculator will takes a few seconds to calculate which are matching name of Allah according to your name.

  3. After few second the calculator gives a complete list of Asma Ul Husna which are matching to your name.

Meanings of Allah Names

We should recite all names of Allah in our prayers daily by doing this you will complete the cycle in 99 days. But try to know the meaning of Allah names of Allah and recite them with belief. Allah 99 names can change our life. Recitation of each name of Allah can bring positive changes in our life. These name can solve all our problems.


Ism e Azam-How You Know Your Ism E Azam-Formula to Know Ism e Azam

How To Recite Ism E Azam

The recommended procedure to recite these names is as below.

Recite Ism e Azam 11 times before Darood Sharif 7 times and then pray for dua. Inshallah your wishes will becomes true.

We also recommend the following for success of your dua.

  • Recite One name of Allah after every Namaz.

  • Recite names of Allah as many times as possible. If it is not possible to recite most of the time, then atleast complete the number you come up with your Ism-e-Azam.

  • Keep thinking about Allah whenever you are reciting the Ism-e-Azam. This will get you closer to Allah.

  • The benefits of reciting these names are known by everyone. This is the only solution for all your problems as coming closer to Allah means all problems going away. Your duas will be accepted in no time Insha Allah.

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    • Agar aap ka pora naam Hasfa Malik ha tu aap k naam k hisab se aap ka Ism azam Al Basit aur Al Nafeo ha. Aaap in ism azm ko kis b namaz k bad apney naam k adad k mutabiq parayin. Aap k naam k mutabiq aap k ilum adad k mutabiq naam k adad hain 273. Is lehe aap kisi b namaz k bad 273 bar Ya Basit aur 273 bar Ya Nafeo par kar jo b dua Allah se mange ge wo Insha Allah foren qabol ho ge.

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