High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib E Nabvi

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib E Nabvi
High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib E Nabvi
What would be high blood pressure? 

Normal or good value of blood pressure is 120/80. However, if the values of the same increased due to any reason, blood pressure considers as high blood pressure. Remember one thing clearly; our heart is just like working as a mechanical pump. When the lines connected (mechanically) with the pump are cleared, pump works satisfactorily. In case of any hurdle (resistance) in pipe lines, pressure will automatically occurred on pump.

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj

The hurdle in blood veins will create resistance in the way of blood circulation. Resultantly, a pressure will occur on heart. It is known as blood pressure. It can be treated in many ways. For example, if we reduce the thickness of blood, the resistance will also reduce. Similarly, if we remove resistance (in veins) from any source, pressure will also reduce.

Low Blood Pressure In Pregnancy

High or Low blood pressure in pregnancy is also not good. In high blood pressure pregnancy could be end within minutes. However, for low blood pressure in pregnancy is also danger for baby.

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib E Nabvi

Chandan boti is a herbal easily available in Pakistan & India. The herbal is also available in low price. Visit your nearest market and take some quantity (Approx. Rs. 5-10). Chandan boti is one of the best herbal used for high blood pressure ka ilaj. After cleaning process, grind chandanboti. You get powder form after grinding of chandanboti. Include ChotiElaichi (grinded) into this powder form chandanboti. Now take empty capsule and fill ¼ value of powder of capsule size.

Patient who is being suffered with High Blood Pressure may take twice a day as dose. After just 07 days, high blood pressure will comes down. High blood pressure reduction is not temporary. We have tried this remedy on a number of high blood pressure patients. All of them have been cured for life time. Now they have a happy & healthy life with their families.

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj In Urdu

Blood Pressure Control Karne Ka Tarika

Blood Pressure Control Karne Ka Tarika

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj In Urdu

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Ubqari

high blood pressure ka ilaj ubqari

In extra, follow the 05 simple things, which may also helpful in order to reduce high blood pressure.

1. Eating habits

Changes to eating habits of eating habits can be significantly reduced as a result of blood pressure medication. It has been proven that it is proven that the use of excessive fruits and lungs, non-fatty flour without bread and preparation The amount decreases significantly. Along with this, the amount of meat, chicken and fish included in your diet. The fat and fatty products are also useful.

2.General activity

Physical activity is unavoidable for a healthy life. Inevitable activities do not mean exercising, awakening, and external exercises, which make it difficult for all people, but only thirty days daily, fasting, horticulture, and other activities, you get accessible Can do This target can also be achieved by climbing orphan stairs three times a 10-minute walk.

3. Use of salt

Of course, excessive use of blood salt can increase blood pressure but also non-catalysts can not reduce the blood pressure. It can reduce the risk of using blood. It should not be ignored. It should not be ignored. The nutrients contain high amounts of salt, because of the amount of fresh food prepared by them, the quantity of sodium grains can be balanced through extra use of mineral electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, and especially potassium. This is best care as High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj.

4. Depression

Depression, any type of fatigue and increased heart pressure and blood pressure increases, and it increases continuously during the passing time. If you try to stop it, then it is not possible for the days of today to do so, for it is to be used for any other reason for salvation. Whenever you feel tired or angry, turn your eyes down and slowly breathe long and slowly stir up breathing. Repeat this process three times a day.

5. Cholesterol Level

According to the research, as cholesterol is low, blood pressure decreases. Some people have a tendency to generate more cholesterol of genetic form. The percentage of cholesterol included in the blood makes it in liver. Similarly, instead of controlling cholesterol cocaine, it is useful to use nitrogen vitamins. .It causes bad cholesterol – LDL Kukami and cholesterol HDL. Soon fish as much as it has the capability of heart protection. This is best for High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj.

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