Break Black Magic

Break Black Magic
Ya Qahhar Wazifa Benefits

 The meaning of Al Qahhar in English is “The Subduer” and in Urdu is “Har cheez ko apnay qaabu men rakhnay wala”. Allah the most powerful and almighty the creator of the earth, heavens, oceans and deserts. The mention of Al-Qahhar emphasizes that Allah is the One who is so powerful and mighty that He can force and subdue all of the creation. The mention of   Al-Qahhar emphasizes in very clear and certain terms that Allah will subdue everyone and force everyone on that day to comply with His Will. For example, we know from Surah Tariq, ayah 10 that on the Day of Judgment, man will have neither power nor any helper except Allah. There are many benefits of Ya Qahhar Wazfia, in this post I will discuss some benefits of Ya Qahhar.

Ya Qahhar  benefits in Urdu


Why do Wazifa?

Making dua using the suitable words and sentences is of paramount importance as it completely puts us in a mental situation that creates powerful feelings towards Allah. Dwelling on the name and its meaning deeply, for instance, Ya Qahhar, will create the sense of confidence and connection in a powerful way.

Break Black Magic  by recite Ya Qahharu

Ya Qahharu has ability to destroy black magic and asaaib (kala jaadu). Ya Qahharu wazifa is also best for filling the reciter’s heart with the love of Allah. Worldly worries are overcome when recited on a regular basis..

Ya Qahharu Wazifa for remove Black Magic and effect of Giants

Agr kisi ghar mein Jinn Asaib k khallal ka imkan ho ya waha rehne waloon se dar lagrta ho to aik kore Chirag per 7 martaba Ya Qahharo likh kar Nareyal k Tail se bhar ke roshan karain. Is tarah 7 din tak karain  Inshallah is ghar mein se Jinn, Bhoot, Preet or Sanp jaisee moozi Cheezain bhaag jain ge. Laken is baat ka khas khayaal rakhain keh ghar mein koi tasveer ya koi be moorti  na ho ro ghar pak saaf ho.

Ya Qahharu wazifa for Back Pain

Take cold water in a pot, insert your feet on this water and recite Ya Qahharu 11 days continuously at 1100 times, before and after this recite Darood pak 21 times. Inshallah this wazifa will help you to recover back pain problem.

Ya Qahharu wazifa for Peace at Home

All family member read together Ya Qahharu at 25,000 in a day. Blessing to Ya Qahharu peace will come at home.

Remove Magic and Nazar-e-Baad with Rock Salt Or Namak


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Dar Khof Katam Karne Ka Wazifa


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