Wazifa To Remove Husband’s Anger, Shohar Ka Gussa Khatam Karne ka Amal

Wazifa To Remove Husband’s Anger
Wazifa To Remove Husband’s Anger, Shohar Ka Gussa Khatam Karne ka Amal

All marriages require love, care, trust, affection and attention to be successful relationship. But some times, it does not happen and it has been seen that emotions such as anger, frustration, lack of trust and misunderstanding between husband and wife make the this beautiful relationship poor and weak.

If the wife is good nature but the husband has a rash nature, then the wife badly suffers from husband behavior. We see around us that most of the husbands are dominant in nature they get angry on their wives without any reason or mistake. This article is for those wives who are helpless and have no power to control her husband but want to get rid husband bad behavior to remove husband’s anger.  We understand that every wife only wants love, care and affection of her husband and nothing more. However, some husbands do not even care about the feelings of their wives.

If your husband gets angry with you all the time then you should read this article at the end hopefully you should get solution of your problem through reciting the wazifa to remove husband’s anger.

With the power of wazifa, it will change your husband from inside and he will stop getting angry on you for small things. He always care you and your family.

If your husband gets angry on you for little things and he lose tempered quickly then you should recite the wazifa for your husband. The wazifa for husband’s will control your husband from getting angry on small things. He will learn to keep silent and be patient. He will treat you well with love and never misbehave with you and your family.

The wazifa to remove husband’s anger is very effective and it will affect the mind, soul and heart of your husband and eventually he will become an good and caring husband for you.

Wazifa To Remove Husband’s Anger 
  • The wife should recite the wazifa after the Namaz Esha.

  • Take two almonds and keep on your tongue.

  • Then Recite Durood-e-Pak Eleven (11).

  • While reciting wazifa, keep the almonds on your tongue and think about your husband.

  • Recite the verse # 39 of Quran Pak from Surah Taha 41 times.

  • Then recite the dua to bring love between husband and wife. “Bismillah Hi Alwasao Jallah Jalaloho”

  • Recite Durood-e-Pak Eleven (11) times in the end of wazifa.

  • Now take out the almonds from your mouth and blow on it.

  • Make a sweet dish for your husband and mix almonds on it and give it to your husband for eat at any time.

  • Perform this wazifa for 7 days continuously. Insha Allah, your husband will stop getting angry on you.

Shohar Ka Mizaj Naram Karne Ka Wazifa

Agar kisi ka shohar bahut hi bad mizaj ho aur apni biwi se aye din lari jagra karte rahta ho. To biwi ko ye amal karna chaiya “YA LATEEFU” 69 martaba parhkar chambeli ke tel par dum karein. Aur is tel ko fir shohar ke sir par mal de, malish kare. Ye amal teen (3) shab bila nagah kijiye. Insha ALLAH is wazifa ki barkat se shohar narm hojayenge, aur badmizaji bhi door hojayegi.

Husband Ka Gussa Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa

Gussay ko khatam karnay k lie Surah E Aal-e-imran ki ayat # 134 ko cheeni (sugar) per 101 martaba musalsal 21 din tak parhain aur pee lain Insha Allah gussa pe control ho jaye ga.

Husband Ka Gussa Khatam Karne Ka Wazifa 

Agar kisi ka shohar ghuse ka bohat taiz ho aur baat baat pe gar walon pe ghusa krta ho tu shour ka ghusa kam krne k lehe ye wazifa parain.

Surah-e-Aal-e-Imran ki ayat # 134 ko chini (sugar) per 101 martaba lagatar 21 din tak parhain aur shour ko pela dain Insha Allaha faida ho ga.

Wazifa for Resolve Problems in Marriage

If your husband has no place for you in his heart, he doesn’t love you and keeps ignoring you always. This Wazifa can help to Create Love in Someone’s Heart specially for those wives who are victims of such circumstances.

Those wives can also perform this wazifa if their husbands are irresponsible and not maintaining their wives or children. Perform this wazifa to create love in someone’s heart with all the devotion and concentration and Insha ALLAH you will get success, Ameen. If your friend or any other person, is against you. You want to create love and care for you in his heart you can perform this wazifa.

Shohar Ka Gussa Khatam Karne ka Amal

Shohar Ka Gussa Khatam Karne ka Amal

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