Wazifa To Get Back Home Illegal Possession

Wazifa To Get Back Home Illegal Possession
Wazifa To Get Back Home Illegal Possession
Illegal Possession of House & Land in Pakistan, Law & Act 

Protect your land from illegal possession, remove illegal possession, illegal possession of house, illegal occupation of land, prevention of illegal occupation of land, Law, Act, India, Pakistan.

What is Illegal Possession?

Illegal possession means someone occupied your property, land or house.Law against illegal occupation of land / home in Pakistan & India are described here. However, the legal suits against the illegal occupation going too long. Land mafia in India as well in Pakistan has not computerized record.  The suit against illegal house occupation / possession therefore pended owning to manual land record. One who filled the case for remove of illegal occupation of his home will always wait for justice. Get back Personal Loans or Best way to refinance a home mortgage.

What to do in Case of illegal Possession?

Shining morning comes after every dark night. So, don’t be disappointed if you still have hearing the case & want for justice. Now, Government of Pakistan & India started all the records of lands computerized. NADRA has also recorded with its greatest technology (thumb impression) for verification in case of transferring of land / property. Now, you are able to justify owning of the land with live record. 

How to Verified illegal Possession?

Who is the right owner of land / home? It’s the court decision which comes after hearing of your case. However, just go to Land record office. Take necessary land documents, shows your ownership. If you have to found same record there, you have the right to file a case against remove of illegal occupation of your home/land in court. Online verification of land / house is also been introduced now. 

Filling of Suit against illegal Possession

First, visit to a land lawyer’s office along with necessary documents. These documents should be based on true and actual bases. Take suggestion from lawyer and provide all the necessary evidences required for a strong suit. The lawyer will proceed further and hopefully issue a Call-Up Notice in favor of one who occupied your home / land.

Illegal Possession Court Decision

The person who occupied your land illegally will receive the call-up notice issued by the court. He must contact with a land lawyer. The defendant lawyer will reply the court call up notice. On receipt of the same, the case will be processed further. In order to speed-up your case in court, recite InaLilah hi Wainaalihy RajiOon, 60 times daily till decision of court.

Wazifa To Get Back Home Illegal Possession

You can easily get back your home legally by following the above. As per Government orders, now the proceeding of court is speedy with respect in past. Also recite above spiritual wazifa 60 times. This will help you in order to get back your home / land (illegal occupation) by someone else.

Wazifa To Get Back Home Illegal Possession

Wazifa To Get Back Home Illegal Possession

Wazifa To Get Back Home 

Wazifa To Get Back Home

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