Natural Eye Care Tips, Good Food For Eyesight Improvement

Natural Eye Care Tips, Good Food For Eyesight Improvement

Eye care is essentially required to save you from eyeglasses. Just imagine, you visited your nearest vision center. Take an eye exam. Eye doctor will suggest you contact lenses or eyeglasses according to your week eyesight. Now you always bound to eye-wear recommended by you optometrist / Ophthalmologist.

Eye care is also essential because we only look / feel the beauty of the universe, if we have good vision. Indeed, eye doctor (Optometrist, Ophthalmologist) wants to save us from eye surgery. There are two main types of eye doctor;

First one is Optometrist while the other one is Ophthalmologist. In today’s article, best eye care tips suggested by optometrist and Ophthalmologist are enlisted.


Optometrist is medical professional, but they don’t attend the classes in medical school. Here you thing why Optometrist called eye doctor? Because after collage, they spent 04 years as professional field and got optometry degree on behalf of field professional years. They have provided only vision care as well as eye care services. An optometrist can perform the following jobs;

  • Eye Exam.

  • Eyeglasses prescription.

  • Contact lenses prescription.

  • Provisioning of Low vision therapy.

  • Diagnose eye condition (eye problems).

  • Prescribe medication (some cases).

  • Helping prior or after surgical operations.

Ophthalmologist – Total Eye Care

Ophthalmologist are eye doctors for total eye care. They attend medical classes and after that, they had a single year internship. Also a residency of three or 5 years, due to which they called complete or total eye care doctor.

Ophthalmologist can provide the following services;

Complete vision services (eye exam, surgical operation etc)

  • Eye treatment

  • Surgical Eye Care

  • Diagnosis of disease (diabetes, cancer etc) due to which eye condition occurred

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Lasik eye surgery

  • Laser eye surgery

In majority clinics Optometrists and ophthalmologists are working together. You can find here optometrists near me.

10 Best Eye Care Tips
1. Health Issues

Health Issues
Health issues such as brain tumor, headache and diabetes are may affect your eye vision. So, first of all you need to get treated health issues due to which your eyesight or vision may affected.

2. Balance Diet

Balance Deit
To get better eye vision, you have to need to always take balance diet. Your diet must contain with vitamin A is better for your eye vision.

3. Sleep Well

Sleep WellSleeping well round about 08 to 10 hours continuously in 24 hours is necessary to get better eye vision.

4. Fresh Milk, Vegetables, Fruits

Fresh MilkFresh milk, vegetables and fruits are the best buckets (resources) of healthy vitamins. The following things are rich with Vitamin A (which improves eye vision);

Fish oil – Yogurt – Egg – Mango – Pine apple – Tomato

5. Almonds & Fennel

Almonds for eyesight Almonds and fennel are also helps us to improve eye vision. Most of people who use almonds and fennel in young age have better eye vision than other ones.

6. Walk on Grass

Walk On GrassIn early morning, grass with dew is big gift of nature for us. Walk of dew wet grass with naked feet daily will definitely improve your eye sight in few couple of days. This is also best remedy for memory loss weakness.

7. Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaningSometimes, due to some reasons, dirt and other small particle will affect your eyes badly. For, safe side you must have to need washing your eyes three to four times in a day. Due to this, your eyes remains clean and dirt will be removed from your eyes.

8. Illumination

illuminationWhenever you are reading, always facilitate better illumination on reading surface. Extra high brightness will also affect your eyes.

9. Make up

Make upGirls use various cosmetics for eyes beauty. Different chemicals are used for manufacturing of these cosmetics. Due to which inside skin of your eye will effect. So, always use less amount of these types of cosmetics.

10. Contact Lenses / Eyeglasses

Contact LensesVisit your nearest vision center. Take an eye exam. Eye doctor will suggest you contact lenses or eyeglasses according to your eye vision. Always wear eyeglasses recommended by you optometrist / Ophthalmologist.

Except of these Eye Care Tips, you can also know about healing Code for best Eye health.

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