Powerful Healing Codes For Instant Cure Just in 30 Minutes

Powerful Healing Codes For Instant Cure Just in 30 Minutes
Powerful Healing Codes For Instant Cure Just in 30 Minutes

The healing codes is a knowledge based on digits & Numbers. These healing codes concluded mutually by Scholars of Malaysia and Indonesia. They have converted from Verses (which are known as curable verses) into the healing codes. Just write code as according to your disease on right arm (between shoulder and Elbow portion).

Why the Healing Codes Concluded?

As we know that different Verses have amazing healing power. If someone recite these special verses in front of patient then he will be cured by verses healing powers. It’s so difficult to write complete verses on your arms or band any paper on which verses has been written.

The healing codes concluded then to sort out this situation. The efforts of Indonesian & Malaysian’s scholars in this regard needs appreciation. Verses which have healing power concluded with the help of Number-ology.

What is Number-ology?

Number-ology is the knowledge of digits. The Cure Digits concluded by conversion different verses with the help of this knowledge. Advantage of conversion verses into digits is that patient will only need to write a short cure code on his arm instead of complete cure verses. By conversion of verses into digits never effect on its healing power. The digits acts as like the verses. If someone is being cure from verses then he may also take advantages by converted digits of that verses.

If someone write the Disease Cure Codes on the right arm of patient with the help of any pen or marker, then the patient will be cured from his disease in just few couple of days without any medical treatment.

The process has also been analyzed on different patients who were suffered from incurable diseases and lose their hopes to get back their lives. The result was totally unbelievable and effective.  More than 90% people have been cured and enjoying their lives happily.

Disease Healing Codes

Bellow, more than 50 Diseases alongwith its cure codes are enlisted. Just write codes according to disease on patient’s right arm (near shoulder area) with the help of pen or marker. You will see the Healing effect within next half an hour.


Disease Cure Codes

Sr. # with Disease Cure Codes
Disease Healing Codes 1 to 12
  1. Cancer Treatment 19-3625

  2. Relief from Cancer Pain 19-6-3625

  3. High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol 812-212-66-13

  4. Low Blood Pressure 812-212-66-12

  5. Hepatitis or Jaundice (All Types) 812-212-66-14

  6. Stroke and Brain Tumor 812-212-66-28

  7. Diabetes (urine or blood) 812-212-66-30

  8. Leg pain, Joint Pain 812-212-66-33

  9. B 812-212-66-37

  10. Leucorrhoea and Female Diseases 2894

  11. Asthma 9-3625

  12. Polio 48-3625

Disease Healing Codes 13 to 31
  1.  Seizure 5-49

  2.  Heart Disease 5-38

  3.  Bawaseer 812-212-66-34

  4.  Lose Fats 5-3625

  5.  Kids Weeping due to Ear Pain 289181

  6.  Ear Pain 289175

  7.  Pain Relief (Any Type) 2893 6-3625

  8.  Eye Weakness 5-27

  9.  Prostate Gland In Male 5-50

  10.  Tonsils Pain 43369

  11.  Migraine (Right Side) 28939

  12. Migraine (Left Side) 28952

  13. Back Pain Relief 66

  14.  Stop wound blood 812-212-66

  15.  To urinate on the bed 5-15

  16.  Headache Pain 2-3625

  17.  Constipation 5-30

  18.  Throat Pain Relief 5-32

Disease Cure Codes 32 to 45
  1. Vomiting 66-246

  2. Flue, Cough and Throat Rash 5-63 2897

  3. Elergy Due to polution 66-37

  4.  Acidity in Stomach 5-47

  5.  For All problems of less 812-212-66-3 then 12 year kids

  6.  Hair Problems 289127

  7. Feet Rashes 289162

  8. Depration 812-212-66-32

  9. Lose Motions 812-212-66-38

  10. Child Don’t drink Milk 812-212-66-39

  11. Blood blocking though wounds 812-212-66-15

  12. Effects of Dangerous Gases 812-212-66-35

  13. Pain due to Swelling 812-212-66-36

  14.  Accident 289133        812-212-66-1           812-212-66-2

Disease Cure Codes 46 to 54
  1. Weakness after dehydration 812-212-66-20

  2.  Safe from cold 812-212-66-21

  3.  Vominting in journey 812-212-66-7

  4.  Skin Burn 812-212-66-6

  5.  Dengui Virus 812-212-66-5

  6.  Throat and neck pain 812-212-66-4

  7.  Skin Problems (All Types) 5-66

  8.  Stomech Disordering 5-3

  9.  Wishing Baby 812-212-112-66

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