Bache K Naam Rakney Ka Islamic Tareka

Bache K Naam Rakney Ka Islamic Tareka

Is article main aap jaan saken gain k Bache ki birth pe name rakhnay k baray me kia hukum he, kuch log kehtay he k date aur time k hisab say word choose kia jata he phir os pehlay word say name rakha jata he. Islam main kia hukum he k apni marzi say name rakh saktay he ya sahe time k hisab say word choose karna lazmi he. Mustahab he ke bache ka achha nam rakha jae chunke yeh bachhe ka bap par haq he, riwayat me aya he k “sab se sachha nam wo he ke jis me Allah jall shanohu ki ubudiyyat shamil ho”. Allah ki ubudiyat k mafoom per mustamil asmaa(naam) (maslan abdur rehman) k mutabiq naam rakhna mustahab hai. Baqi ambiya karam ,hazrat ali (a.s) , hazrat hasan(a.s) , hazrat hussain(a.s) , talib ,hamza , aur hazrat Fatima (a.s) k asma k mutabiq naam rakhna mustahabb hai aur islam aur ahle bait (a.s) k dusmano k naam k mutabiq naam rakhna makroo hai.

Before keeping the name of new born baby it is better to keep best name. Number played a vital role each letter has its own number in Islam. They have their own effects. Most of the Muslims know this fact that the total of Bismillah hir Rahman Nir Rakeem is 786. Adad name with a power, victory and the lucky number associated with the name. Find all the relevant details about the name meaning, origin, lucky number and digit power value of name before kept the name. This article will help you how to find best name for your baby.

Ilm Ul Adad Se Apny Naam K Adad Nikalne Ka Tariqa

Kisi bi naam ka adad nikalne ka tariqa yeh hai. Sab se pehle apney naam k huroof abjad  qamri nikalane, naam k haroof kamrai aap die ge chart k madad se malom kar saktain hain. Pir Jo answer aye aus ko alag alag likh kar jama kar dain. Kashif Khan kea dad is tariqa se maloom ho jaine ge.

In sab ko jama kar lain tu adad 1052 niklata ha ab 1052 ko alag alag kar ka lak kar jama kar dain 1+0+5+2=8 is tara Kashif Khan k naam ka adad humain maloom ho jaye ga jo 8 ha. Ab Abjad Qamri Chart jo nechy dia gia ha aus se adad 8 k halat zindigi maloom kar lain. Is tariqe se aap kisi bhi naam ka adad aasani se nikal saktain hain.

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How To Find The Numbers Of Name In Islam
  1. First check the “Burj” date of birth wise from given table.

21 March                  –          20 April                     =     Burj Hamal (Siyra Marekh)

21 April                     –          21 May                       =     Burj Soar (Siyara Zora)

22 May                      –          21 June                      =     Burj Jooza (Atarad)

22 June                     –          23 July                      =      Burj Sertaan (Qamar)

24 July                      –          23 August                 =      Burj Asad (Shams)

24 Aug                       –          23 September         =      Burj Sumbla (Atarad)

24 September         –          23 October              =       Burj Mezaan (Zohra)

24 October               –          22 November         =       Burj Aqrab (Merekh)

23 November          –          22 December         =        Burj Qaos (Mushtari)

23 December          –          20 January             =        Burj Jaddi (Zohal)

21 January               –          19 February           =        Burj Dillu (Zohal)

20 February            –          21 March                 =        Burj Hot (Mushtari)

  1. Choice the first word of Name from table given below.

Burj Hamal               =          Alif      ,           Laam ,           Ain      ,           Yea

Burj Soar                  =          Bay     ,           Wao

Burj Jooza                =          Qaaf   ,           Kaaf

Burj Sertaan            =          Hay     ,           Haey

Burj Asad                  =          Meen ,           Taey

Burj Sumbla            =          Pay     ,           Ghair

Burj Mezaan           =          Ray     ,           Tay     ,           Toay

Burj Aqrab              =          Noon  ,           Zay     ,           Zaal    ,           Zoad  ,            Zoay

Burj Qaos                =          Fay

Burj Jaddi               =          Jeen   ,           Ghaaf ,           Khay

Burj Dillu                =          Seen   ,           Sheen            ,           Soad  ,           Say

Burj Hoot                =          Chay  ,           Daal

  1. Check the digit of Name from given table.

Alif      = 1                   ,           Yea = 10        ,           Qaff = 100    ,           Ghain = 1000

Bay-pay = 2              ,           Kaf – ghaf = 20        ,           Ray-Rhay = 200

Jeem-Chay = 3        ,           Laam = 30                 ,           Sheen = 300

Dal-Daal = 4             ,          Mem = 40                 ,           Tay-Toey = 400

Hay= 5                       ,          Noon = 50                 ,           Say = 500

Wow=6                      ,          Seen = 60                  ,           Khay = 600

Zay-xay= 7               ,           Ain=70                       ,           Zaal=700

Hay=8                       ,           Fay=80                      ,           Zod=800

Tuy=9                       ,           Suad=90                   ,           Zoay=900

  1. Add digit of month and year if result come with a compound number make it prime number(by separate them one digit). FIND OUT THE TOTAL ADAD OF NAME ,ADD DATE, MONTH AND YEAR , TO GET A SINGLE DIGIT.

  1. Find a name number that will match with this digit (digit that you find at sr. 4)

  1. This is the best name for new born baby. Keep this name. If you want to read this article in Urdu click the link given below.

Benefits of Name Number Calculation

This can be used while you recite any particular wazifa.   For example- If in any particular wazifa, you have been directed that you have to recite the surah as per your name’s number. In such cases you have to calculate the total of your name’s number. If you have to pay a Zakat before performing any wazifa. You can the total numbers according to your name and make a grand total and pay that amount as Zakat.

You can also read Urdu article about  how to keep Muslims Names. To read Urdu article visit this link.

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