What Is The Blue Whale Game

What is the Blue Whale game, how many deaths has the game been linked from all over the world

What is Blue Whale Game

The Blue Whale Game also known as “Blue Whale Challenge”, is an social network phenomenon that is claimed to exist in several countries. Blue Whale was first reported in Russia in 2013 with “F57”, a group on the VKontakte social network. Blue Whale is a suicide game. As the final task of this challenge is take your life “Suicide”. According to some news 250 teenagers across world has already committed suicide to complete this challenge.

Blue Whale Game In Urdu

Task of Blue Whale Game

The game consists of 50 challenges, One challenge for each day which is monitored by a curator. Its challenges include causing self harm & watching horror movie late night or early morning. Curator’s approval is required for completing challenges which have to be proof in the form of photos. These daily tasks start off easy  such as listening to certain genres of music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie, among others, and then slowly escalate to carving out shapes on one’s skin, self-mutilation and eventually suicide.

How to Play Blue Whale Game

To play this game you first join a Russian social media group, which allows only limited audience to join the group. Before the admin of this group give you approval to join this group he gives a warning that one cannot quit once they start playing it, informing about the last challenge. If a player wants to quite the challenge then threatening messages are sent to him. The team of Russian social media fetches confidential or personal information about the player.  They collect all information from player’s phone. They collect all details about family, school & all personal information. If a player tried blocking them, they will still contact them from blocked medium itself, ultimately forcing them to continue the challenge. Depressed teenagers are the target who could easily get trapped in the challenge. The Blue Whale suicide game ringleader is jailed in Russia. He say that the purpose of this game is to “clean” the world by pushing people to conduct suicides who have no value.

Responsibility of Parents

Most users of social media are blaming the teenage players for taking such kind of challenge. But are they really to be blamed? Are parents taking their kids activities into consideration? Police in the UK have now started warning parents about the challenge. Schools as well as police officials in Europe and America have begun issuing advisories to parents urging them to be vigilant and to keep an eye out on what their children are sharing on their social media accounts. Here are some tips for parents to control their children from playing this dangerous game.

  • Talk your child about the game. If it is spreading at your child’s school alert teachers.

  • Use parental control software that allows you to see all keyboard strokes made on the child’s computer or mobile.

  • Monitor your child search history text messages, call logs and communications on social media sites.

  • Limited him to use social network such as Facebook, Whatapp, Instagram.

  • Look out for behavioral changes.

Suicide cases due to Blue Whale Game In All Over The World

Several news reports have appeared on Brazilian media linking cases of child self harm and suicide with Blue Whale, and police have several ongoing investigations, although as yet none has been officially confirmed. In Bulgaria the first news about Blue Whale appeared in mid February 2017. Media in Chile have reported three cases of children suspected of involvement with Blue Whale. A mother reported to the police that her 12 year old daughter had 15 cuts on her arm that formed the design of a whale. After being interviewed by police officers, she confessed that she followed game administrator’s instructions while playing this game. In China a suicide group was founded by a 10 year old girl who posted several photos of her self-mutilation related to the Blue Whale. In India A 16 year old boy from Kerala in Southern India was reported to have committed suicide on 26 July 2017, after playing the online Blue Whale game.  On 10 August 2017, a Class VII student in the city of Indore, State of Madhya Pradesh, was pulled away by a group of students, before he could take the final suicide leap, off the third floor of the Chamali Devi Public School. The boy apparently recorded the whole 50 stages of the game, in his school diary. The people of  India was most effected with this game many suicide cases are appeared in August & September 2017 in Pune, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

In Italy, press coverage of Blue Whale first appeared on 3 June 2016, in the newspaper La Stampa, which described the challenge as “a bad joke”. In Kenya a student had played the Blue Whale challenge. He committed suicide on 3 May. He hanged himself on the balcony of a hotel owned by his grandfather in the city center. In Pakistan on September 13, 2017, reported its first two victims from the province of KPK. Portugal An 18 year old girl, was admitted to hospital with mutilations on her body in  after she threw herself from an overpass to the railway line. Police, parents and friends said that the girl had been motivated to do so by a person on the Internet named as “Blue Whale”.

In March 2017, authorities in Russia were investigating approximately 130 separate cases of suicide related to the phenomenon. In February a 15 year and 16 year old threw themselves off the top of a 14 story building  after completing 50 tasks sent to them. Before they killed themselves together, they left messages on their pages on social networks.  Also in February, a 15 year old was in critical condition after throwing herself out of an apartment and falling on snow covered ground in the town of Krasnoyarsk, also in Siberia.

In Saudi Arabia on 5 June 2017, a 13 year old boy committed suicide in his room, where his body was discovered by his mother. The boy used his PlayStation wires to commit suicide. His death has been linked to Blue Whale. In Spain a teenager was admitted to a psychiatric unit of a Barcelona hospital after her family said she started playing Blue Whale.

In Turkey, a family filed a criminal complaint after their son’s suicide, and demanded further investigation regarding the incident. The family told the officials that after their son started playing “the game”, his behavior changed rapidly. United States

In the city of San Antonio, Texas, United State the body of a 15 year old was found on 8 July 2017. A cellphone had broadcast the teen’s suicide, which is believed to be related to the game.

It must be noted, however, that there still is no confirmation of the existence of the game, and suicides linked to it are from personal accounts of families or friends of those deceased who claim they have seen their loved ones performing tasks. While reports of suicides linked to the game have surfaced across the globe, authorities claim that the origin appears to be in Russia, which has reportedly seen about 130 related deaths and at least two arrests.

A good news is that a Pakistani Teenager Waseem Gul Develops Anti Blue Whale game. This game look like Blue Whale game but the given task are very positive such as Take 10 Push Ups, walk at 8’O clock in morning, cutting of different vegetables, help others, help your mother to clean the house, give meal to poor persons. This game also contain 50 task. When you complete the whole task player will given the name “Smart Blue Whale” and also advised him some useful positive for his future life.

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