Sore Throat And Cough Home Remedies

Sore Throat And Cough Home Remedies
Sore Throat And Cough Home Remedies

When the weather changes, it takes some time for our body to adapt to the change in weather. During this time, immunity becomes weak. Because of which we suffer from seasonal and viral infections and problems like allergies etc.

Especially in such a situation most people are facing problems such as cold, flu, cough and fever. People feel bad due to sore throat and cough. Even some people it causes sore throat, pain and sore throat. People drink expensive cough syrups to get relief from sore throat and cough but some side effects can be seen with the use of medicines and syrups.

But do you know. That with the help of some home remedies you can easily get rid of the problem of sore throat and cough? Yes, you read that right! Not only this, you will also get a lot of benefit in the problem of phlegm, seasonal allergies and fever. In this article, we are telling you home remedies to get rid of sore throat and cough.

Common Causes Of Sore Throat And Cough

A sore throat is often a symptom of colds, flu, fever, headache and blocked or runny nose you may also have a hoarse voice and a dry cough. The most common causes of sore throat are pollution, use of tobacco, postnasal drip, asthma, acid reflux, drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods.

How Long Sore Throat And Cough Disappears

Fortunately, chronic cough and sore throat typically disappears once the underlying problem is treated. Viral sore throat and cough often goes away in five to seven days. If you have bacterial sore throat, you will feel better after you have taken antibiotics for two to three days. You must take your antibiotic even when you are feeling better.

What Drinks Help Sore Throat And Cough?

Drinking herbal teas mixed with honey are a good and effective way to soothe a sore throat. The following seven teas may be especially helpful for easing your sore throat and cough.

  1. Honey Tea.

  2. Licorice Root Tea.

  3. Ginger Tea.

  4. Marshmallow Root Tea.

  5. Green Tea.

  6. Thyme Tea.

  7. Peppermint Tea.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Sore Throat And Cough Fast?

If you want to get rid of sore throat and cough quickly then you need to change your lifestyle and try these home remedies. Get plenty of sleep, prevent dehydration drink fluids, and sip a warm beverage if you want to stop coughing at night the try to raise your head up a bit with an extra pillow.

Home Remedy For Sore Throat And Dry Cough

Honey and saltwater gargles are popular home remedies for coughing. You can also drink herbal teas made of peppermint, ginger, slippery, turmeric, or marshmallow root. Chicken soup and non-caffeinated sports drinks help fight sore throat and cough. Eat boiled eggs with ginger tea are also very beneficial to get rid from sore throat and dry cough.

Sore Throat And Cough Home Remedies

Try these home remedies to get rid of sore throat and cough at home.

1. Tulsi And Ginger Tea To Relieve Sore Throat

Drinking Tulsi and ginger tea gives great relief in sore throat and cough. Drinking it with honey reduces swelling and also relieves phlegm.

2. Eat Black Pepper To Relieve Sore Throat

You can chew 1-2 black pepper seeds directly 2-3 times a day or eat it with honey. Apart from this, you can also eat honey mixed with black pepper powder.

3. Get Steam To Relieve Sore Throat

Steaming will relieve a sore throat, reduce swelling and also expel phlegm from the chest. Take steam 2-3 times a day to relieves from sore throat and cough.

4. Use Of Spices And Herbs To Get Relief From Sore Throat And Cough

For this you can boil 4-5 herbs and spices in a pot. You can use basil, ginger, black pepper, wine, cinnamon etc. Mix honey in it and drink it, you will get a lot of relief from sore throat and cough.

Home Remedy For Sore Throat And Dry Cough

Home Remedy For Sore Throat And Dry Cough

Totkay For Sore Throat In Urdu 

Totkay For Sore Throat In Urdu

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Galay ki Kharash Aur Galay K Dard k ilaj

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