Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Books In Urdu PDF Free Download

Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Books In Urdu PDF Free Download

The author of book Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor is written by Arabian Islamic scholars Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Bin Ahmed and Al-Shykh Saami Bin Salman and the book is translated by Hafiz Mohammad Abbas Gondalvi. This book is available here for free download and it has 403 pages.

Jinnat, or jinns, are mentioned in the Quran and are believed to be supernatural creatures that coexist with humans in the world. According to Islamic belief, jinns are created from smokeless fire and have free will, just like humans. They are considered to be able to interact with humans and can cause harm if they choose to do so. However, in Islam, jinns are not worshipped and are not considered to be deities. “Jinnati” and “Shaitani” are both words from the Arabic language that refer to supernatural entities.

“Jinnati” refers to beings known as “Jinn” or “Genies.” In Islamic mythology, Jinn are believed to be created from smokeless flames and are capable of both good and evil actions. They are thought to live in a parallel world and can sometimes interact with humans.

“Shaitani” refers to beings known as “Shayateen” or “Devils.” In Islamic mythology, Shayateen are evil spirits created from smokeless flames who are constantly trying to tempt humans to do evil deeds. They are believed to be followers of Iblis (Satan), who refused to bow down to Adam and was cast out of heaven.

Short Summary of Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Book In Urdu is as under:-

In this book you can find information about the magic, Shaitins and Jinns. In Islam the magic is actually done by the Jinns and Shaitins. In this book you can find many secrets about the black magic of Jinn and Satans against the Human. Such a harmful activities are actually the magic, or Jadu in Urdu. The book is compiled in the light of Holy Qur’an and Hadith. This is a detailed Urdu book about protection from Jinns and Satans in Urdu language.

Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Book

Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Book In Urdu

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How to Download Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Book In Urdu PDF

You can download Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor In Urdu PDF format by clicking the below download button.

Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor

Jinnati Aur Shaitani Chalon Ka Tor Book In Urdu PDF

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