Karobar Ki Bandish Ka Tor, Bandish Kholne Ka Wazifa In Urdu

Karobar Ki Bandish Ka Tor, Bandish Kholne Ka Wazifa In Urdu

Karobar Ki Bandish Ka Tor, Karobar Ki Bandish Kholne Ka Wazifa, Rizq ki bandish ka Tor in Urdu, bandish karne ka amal, job ki bandish ka tor, bandish maloom karne ka tarika. Karobar ki bandish is roman urdu words, meaning hurdles occurring in business. Provisioning of best quality goods with a very low profit margin is secret of business. Here is the ideas to start home business. Business competitors will definitely fail to get order / win a contract when a buyer can get the same in low pricing. In short, growth of business is depending on competitors offered value. Also know that how to get more customers for your business.

Karobar ki Bandish

Sometimes competitors give very tuff time and seem difficult to get client when you have good competitors. Karobar ki bandish (business hurdles) have different types. Choose co-partner for business, who are illegible and sound with dealing business. Follow new introduced marketing strategies to grow business. Follow the principal of “Low Profit – More Client” always.

It has also been seen that even you work harder & build your business, however, business never grow as per your desires. On paper, you will find everything is good. However, it is difficult to know from where you get loss. It is known as business hurdle (Karobar ki bandish).

How to Remove Business Hurdle (Karobar ki Bandish)

In order to remove business hurdles (Karobar ki bandish ka tor), follow the below procedure;

·                       Recite Sorah Ikhlaas (Qul Howala) three times prior to opening of your shop / business office.

·                       Open your shop Or business office.

·                       Recite 03 times darood e ibrahimi.

·                       After that recite 41 times ALLAHUSAMAD.

·                       Again recite 03 times darood e ibrahimi.

·                       Write the following taweez (in wazu) within 01 hour of sunrise.

·                       Frame it and place the frame on your shop, where client will look it easily.

With the help of above simple procedure, Karobar ki bandish will be breached completely. Daily process will also helpful in order to get more clients in single day. It’s a magical process for business.

Provisioning of best quality products with a low net revenue is mystery of business. Business contenders will neglect to get arrange/win an agreement when a purchaser can get the same in low evaluating. To put it plainly, development of business is relying upon contenders offered esteem.

Bandish Kholne Ka Wazifa In Urdu

Karobar Ki Bandish Ka Tor 1

Bandish Kholne Ka Wazifa

Bandish Ka Tor kaTaweez

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