Jadu Ka ilaj Quran Se, Treatment Of Black Magic

Jadu Ka ilaj Quran Se, Treatment Of Black Magic
Jadu Ka ilaj Quran Se, Treatment Of Black Magic

Jadu ka ilaj is hindi name of Black Magic. Normally, the reason behind this Jadu or Black Magic is simply someone wants you loss in shape of property, life, business, relationships etc. Symptoms of Black magic are also described in details in this article. Moreover, during treatment (Jadu ka ilaj) patient must care about things given in last.

Causes & Jadu ka ilaj

Prior to define any of disease, first we should know about its causes / reasons behind that illness. Same is this case, we have found some common causes in such type of cases. Normally, Jealousy is the head of all these causes presents behind the Black Magic.

Symptoms Before Jadu ka ilaj

The patient feels uncomfortable, illness, fatigue. Majority of the patients complain for migraine (headache). The other diseases including  Heart valve blockage , Red Blood Cell Count, Nonalcoholic fatty liver, may also be symptoms of Jadu. Even, they have taken medicines for cure of these illnesses, however, could not be cured due to spiritual disease.

Similarly, patients have also act as abnormal or semi-mental. They perform different acts, which show that they are not present in such condition. After that time, they have also forgotten about their acts.

Cure & Treatment Of Jadu ka ilaj

Here is we are defining a method of treatment that is Jadu ka ilaj Quran se. Through this cure process, the patient will be cured and hopefully no treatment will required further in future. The treatment itself is also so simple. Just take 07 moti. Recite Sorah Fatiha 07 times on each Moti. Now, dip these in to the water bottle. Patient will drink water from this bottle till next 07 days. After 07 days, Take one moti and make a ring fitted this into ring.

The remaining 6 moti be dropped in to any well or river. In last, download the Naqsh from given link and make amulet for patient. This naqsh will be safe patient in future. Nobody will act again Jadu on said person, who use ring and amulet. 

What to Do after Jadu ka ilaj

After getting cured, patient must follow few things which are;


Cleaning contain body and cloth cleaning. Also make your mind clear and clean. Don’t think evil thoughts.


Sexuality is also connected with Jadu. So, be careful during intercourse with life partner. Don’t leave the light on during said process.

Pet Animals:

Leave the habit of pet animals at home level. Few of animals are causes due to which black magic can easily affect you.

Evil Thoughts:

Don’t place wrong and poor thinks. Evil thoughts lead your mind into negative side. It is helping material in order to perform black magic on you.

Future Protection after Jadu ka ilaj

The following Naqsh will protect and safe the patients in future life. No one perform again black magic on said person till he safe this naqsh. Download it from the following link and wear as amulet in your neck simply.

Verification of Jadu ka ilaj

If all the symptoms given above were removed, it is a big verification of jadu ka ilaj. The patient will be happy and healthy after getting cure from all the diseases caused due to black magic.

Practice for Jadu ka ilaj

If any body from our readers wants to cure other selves, simply forward this procedure with its details. This will be a great honor for our team that if one of affected person get cured from our treatment.

Jadu Ka ilaj Quran Se

Jadu Ka ilaj Quran Se

Kala Jadu Katam Karney Ka Tariqa

kala jadu katam karney ka tariqa

Treatment Of Black Magic

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