Janti Taweez For Good Fortune, Health, Rizk, Good luck, Good Business

Janti Taweez For Good Fortune, Health, Rizk, Good luck, Good Business
Janti Taweez For Good Fortune, Health, Rizk, Good luck, Good Business

Janti taweez for good fortune is special gift to our visitors. Janti taweez is also used as taweez for riches, taweez for rizq, taweez for good luck, taweez for money in urdu, islamic taweez for business success, powerful taweez for love, taweez for good business, etc. find here how to get rich in few days

Janti Taweez For Good Fortune

Today through this article we are sharing Heavenly Amulet (Janati Taweez) placed bellow at the end of this article. This Amulet (Taweez) has been taken from miracle. As Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas Razi ALLAH says: “When Hazrat Amna (Razi Allah o Taàla) conceived the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him), she saw some angels in her dream. The Angles told to Mother of all Muslims Hazrat Amna (Razi Allah o Tala) that she had pregnant and have most preeminent personality of the whole universe.

When she give birth to this great personality then name him as Muhammad (May peace be upon him). She accepted the same. Then Angles submitted amulet written on a gold tray to be worn by the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) after his birth. This amulet has also been mentioned by Imam Behiqi and Imam Abu Naeem Ishani in their ‘Dalail-al- Nabuwah’ & Ibn-e-Asakir in his book ‘History of Damascus’ and AllamSayooti in his book ‘Al-Khasais-al-Kubra’.

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Islamic Janti Taweez For Business Success

The above taweez is best for business success. We presenting this special gift (Amulet) for our valuable readers especially for those who are suffering from different kind of diseases. Here one more thing which we want to share with all of you. That is some months ago, it was given to a person desirous for a son. He was then further instructed that after his wife conceives. He placed this amulet around the waist on navel of his wife prior formation of organs of the child. After couple of months, one day he came with the happy news. The happy news is that they being blessed with a beautiful son.

This amulet was amongst the routine practices of Hazrat Mufti Jameel Ahmed Sahib (RehmatUllahAlỳhe). He would let it to used be for all purposes. Also suggested regarding the same to all of his lovers for usage according to their needs.

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