How to Solve Home Problems, Garulu Nachati Katam Karne Ki Dua, Sorah Waduha Benefits

How to Solve Home Problems, Garulu Nachati Katam Karne Ki Dua, Sorah Waduha Benefits
How to Solve Home Problems, Garulu Nachati Katam Karne Ki Dua, Sorah Waduha  Benefits
Ability Needs to Solve Home Problems

Problems like getting marriage proposal according to your wishes or getting a desired Job presents almost in every home. However, the best and important thing is that how can you tackle & solve home problems / issues. Best strategies or skill activities can convert big issues into small one. Reciprocally, wrong strategy may also convert small issue into big one. So, first step is to focus on powerful strategy. We, human beings are not 100% perfect. Only the ALLAH Almighty is perfect 100%. 

How to Solve Home Problems

However, being human beings, we shall try to make some powerful strategies to avoid issues & solve home problems. Here in following we create a list of simple, common & basic home problems;

               Get marriage proposal according to your wishes.

               How to get your favorite Job?

               Find to things which have been lost.

Sorah Waduha Process to Solve Home Problems

Today we are going to share “Sorah Waduha” special process with our reader. In Sorah Waduha, you found 09 numbers of “KIAF”. The process itself is quite simple, however very effective in order to solve home problems & issues.

Detail process to solve home problems

Just recite 03 times Darood-e-Ibrahimi in start as well as at end of said process. Recite Sorah Waduha. When you reached at first “KIAF”, wait for a while and recite “Ya Kareem o” 09 times. Continue the verse from the same point. Next, on reaching at second “KIAF” wait again and recite “Ya Kareem o” again 09 times. Till recitation of the verse, you may found 09 “KIAF”. Recite “Ya Kareem o” 09 times after reaching at each one. The process is not so tough. Now the question will arise into your mind about when the said process will be carried out? Always remember that the wazaif and its effectiveness is highly increased after Farz prayers.

Sorah Waduha  Benefits

sorah waduha benefits

garulu nachati katam karne ki dua

garulu nachati katam karne ka wazifa

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    • App apny naam ka ism e azm “Ya Qawiyyu” 452 martaba kisi b namaz k bad para karian aur Allah se dua mangea Inshall aap k problem solve ho jain ge.
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