How To Check Milk Purity At Home In Urdu, 04 Methods To Check Milk Purity

How To Check Milk Purity At Home In Urdu, 04 Methods To Check Milk Purity
How To Check Milk Purity At Home In Urdu, 04 Methods To Check Milk Purity

Check Milk Purity & Check Urea in Milk, Find Adulteration in Milk without Lactometer. A lactometer is normally used to check milk purity at home.

What is lactometer? An instrument which is used to check milk purity by measuring milk density. Usually, a lactometer find out the water contents in the milk. The lactometer works on the principle of gravity of milk.

Impurity of milk is risky with respect to health point of view. So, you must have to know “how to check milk purity at home level”.

Lactometer is not available in every home. So, there could be a difficulty while checking of milk purity. Here we have 4 authentic ways to check milk purity without a lactometer at home.

How To Check Milk Purity At Home In Urdu
how to check milk purity at home in urdu
milk purity test at home
milk purity test
Check Milk Purity by Gravity

It is a general concept that the milk which have maximum gravity and thickness is pure. To check purity of milk by its gravity or thickness, you need one dropper. Drop few milk drops of marble tile at home. The water content easily shown if the milk is not thicker.  Otherwise the milk is consider as pure.

Check Milk Purity With Cream

Milk cream will also tell us about purity of milk. To check purity of milk, boil the milk and after that you will get its cream. Check the cream with your finger. If you found any oily content in this cream, the milk is pure. Otherwise if you feel dryness, the milk will impure.

Check Milk Purity With Lemon

Lemon is also have comparison power to differ between pure and impure milk. Just add some drops of fresh lemon into milk. Mix it with tablespoon. If the milk turns into Yogurt, the milk is pure. If the milk turns like a Jelly, the milk is surely impure and risky for health.

Find Adulteration In Milk

To find adulteration in milk, here we have a simple test. The test does not requires test lab. You only need a test tube and second thing is Paraphenylene Diamine.  Just drop some drops of Paraphenylene Diamine into test tube and insert also the milk which has to be tested. If the color of milk turns to blue then the milk is impure. It the color of milk remains unchanged, the milk is pure.

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