Tonsil Treatment At Home, Tonsils Ka Ilaj Ubqari

Tonsil Treatment At Home, Tonsils Ka Ilaj Ubqari
Tonsil Treatment At Home, Tonsils Ka Ilaj Ubqari

Tonsil Stones are a pair of soft tissues, which are located at the near end of the throat. Hence, Tonsils stones helps to fight against infections, However, removal of the tonsils does not seem to increase susceptibility to infection. In case of any infection, the tonsils may vary widely in size and swell.

How Tonsil Stones Formulated

The formulation of tonsil stones will be better acknowledged if first we know about tonsils condition at different stages.

Acute Tonsillitis: (White Spots On Tonsils)

Sometimes a bacteria or virus affect throat as well as the tonsils. This affection may further cause swelling and a sore throat. In such cases, white spots on tonsils may occurs.

Chronic Tonsillitis

Chronic tonsillitis occurs when persistent infection of the tonsils will occurs. It has also been observed that chronic tonsillitis will happened in case of repeated episodes of acute tonsillitis.

Peri-Tonsillar Abscess

Occurs when an infection makes or formulated a pocket of pus near the tonsils. Peri-tonsillar abscesses must need to drain urgently. It may be due to oral throat cancer. 

When Do Tonsils Need To Be Removed

Tonsils will be removed only when they become more affected. To remove Puss pockets in tonsils or bloody tonsils at home, here we have a good treatment for you. By adopting this procedure, you have to cure following in just few couple of days;

  • Puss Pockets in Tonsils

  • Bloody Tonsils

  • Tonsilith

  • Stones in throat or tonsil stones

How to Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil removal procedure without any surgery is possible at home. You just need 02 tablespoon of Carom Seeds. Insert these into water and boiled it till next 15 minutes. When water become half of its initial quantity, turn off the burner. Now after filter, safe the water. Gargle with this water twice a day will help you to remove Tonsils Stones without any Surgery.

Tonsil Stones Treatment

Tonsils stones treatment is also based on different states of its condition. Three stages are described below;

First Stage Tonsil Stones Treatment

At initial of stage one, tonsillitis due to bacterial infection will be cured with antibiotics recommended by your doctor or surgeon.

Second Stage Tonsil Stones Treatment

Second stage tonsil stones treatment is also known as Abscess drainage. In this method of treatment, generally, the abscess will be punctured with the help of needle. Which allow the infection to drain and patient will be healed.

Third Stage Tonsil Stones Treatment

Third stage of treatment is need to be carried out when tonsils get too large or repeatedly infected. In such cases, surgery will be carried out and tonsils will remove completely.

Tonsils Ka Ilaj In Urdu
Tonsils Ka Ilaj In Urdu
Gale Ke Tonsils Ka Ilaj
Gale Ke Tonsils Ka Ilaj
Tonsils Ka Ilaj Ubqari
Tonsil Treatment At Home
Tonsil Treatment At Home
Tonsils Ka Ilaj
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