The Best and Easiest Ways to Increase Height

Easiest Ways to Increase Height
The Best and Easiest Ways to Increase Height

Height of a man in an important part of his personality. The best and useful way to increase height is proper exercise and balanced diet. The muscles stretch and strong by doing exercise, while using proper diet those hormones developed which play an important role in increasing height. Actually, height is related to genetic structure. But if our body does not get proper diet and exercise, then chance of shortness will also occur. Following are some exercises which can help you in increasing your height. Do these exercises two, three times in a weak and see its good result.

1- Hanging

The force of gravity can affect on your height, which can contact your joints and back bone. This effect can be minimized by hanging. Hanging by gripping any rod lower part of your body stretches your back bone. In this exercise your height can increase in one to two inches, but its result will not be seen immediately. You should do this exercise where your body can move here and there.

2- Swim on the Ground

In this exercise first of all lay down on your abdomen. Turn your arms and keep your palms toward the ground. Right now higher up your arm than left arm. Keeping legs straight, raise the possible extent to which the right leg. Keep in their position for four seconds. Then repeat this process with your other arm and leg. Increase this exercise time from four to twenty seconds.

3- Cobra Stretch

By doing this exercise, your backbone became stronger and muscles became flexible lay down on the ground. Keep your palms on the ground. Now raise your back with the help of your palms. Keep your chin and face forward. Don’t move in back direction keep your body remain same still five to thirty seconds.

4- Twist

This can be of many kinds. The easiest way is that lay on your back. Turn your knees and keep your feet in the group. Now with your right hand grip you left knee and stretch both knees toward left. In the same way with your left hand stretch your right knee.

5- Pelos Shift

This is a very easy exercise. In this exercise, stretch is produced to increasing height this is a very useful exercise lay on the ground on your back. Keep your arms and shoulders straight on the ground.

Tips For Increase Height In Urdu

Tips For Increase Height In Urdu


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