Bachon Ko Bhook Na Lagna Bhook Ki Kami Ka Ilaj In Urdu, Loss of Appetite

Bachon Ko Bhook Na Lagna Bhook Ki Kami Ka Ilaj In Urdu
Sudden Loss of Appetite Causes Or Complete Loss of Appetite

Sudden loss of appetite causes are infections, illness, different medication, Stress, Bad taste, difficulty in chewing, Eating environment & absence of exercise.  Feeling Hunger is a symbol of good health. Loss of appetite or lack of hunger feeling may be due to several problems.

Different types of infection may also be a cause of appetite. Apart from this, medication and mental stress are also included. If this problem is due to illness, loss of appetite will be cured after the end of your illness. Sometimes it is sufficient to solve the problem even after the disease ends. Immediate concerned with your physician in this regard.

Causes of Sudden loss of appetite

There may be many causes behind sudden loss of appetite;


Many types of infections may be sudden loss of appetite causes. The other reasons behind the loss of appetite are pneumonia, cinnamon, hepatitis, liver virus, HIV.AIDS, influenza and kidney infection.


Many diseases cause sudden loss of appetite. Gastrointestinal diseases, (intestinal cancer), liver and heart disease also cause of lack of hunger. Psychotherapy, Depression, anxiety and hemorrhoids are also cause less hunger.

Excessive Use of Medicines:

Cure of illness / diseases is only possible with proper use of medicines. However, excessive use of medicines leads the problems like less hungering or loss of sleeping. It is not medicinal side effects but reduce hunger. Especially, medicines use for loss of weight is affect as sudden loss of appetite.  In addition, use of drug addiction also cause of less hunger.

Stress / Burden:

The stress also decreases hunger feelings. All the matters in family directly affect in order to lack of hunger. One who are not satisfied with his marriage life always have problem like loss of appetite.

Why Sudden Loss of Appetite Occurs
Eating Taste

Owning to different reasons, taste buds of tongue failed to actually feel of eating taste. Even favorite things do not look like to eat in case of less hunger feeling.

Problem with Chewing:

It is also difficult to chew in case of less hunger feeling. This would be a cause of dental disorders, Medicinal use or in some cases, such as strokes, etc. The same scared to eat food and does not want to eat food.

Ability To Smell Increased:

We, humans have ability to smell. In case when a patient has no desire to eat anything, ability to smell has been increased. It often increases sensitivity in pregnant women.


Person who do not want to meet with friends & family and like loneliness are also facing sudden loss of appetite. So, avoid your friends and family members and discuss your daily routine matters with them.

Environment Role in Sudden Loss of Appetite

Environment affect cannot be denied in any case. Especially, eating desire also need a healthy atmosphere surrounding us. Restaurants and hotels are decorated only to provide a good environment to their visitors.

Exercise Habit:

Daily routine exercise is the only way through which we get proper sleep and burning of calories. Physical exercise will increase desire to eat anything. Peoples having less walking habit are also feels less hungering.

Bhook Na Lagne Ki Wajah

Bhook Na Lagne Ki Wajah 1

Bhook Ki Kami Ka Ilaj In Urdu

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Bachon Ko Bhook Na Lagna

Bhook Ki Kami Ka Ilaj In Urdu

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