5 Best Insulin Resistance Diet

Best Insulin Resistance Diet
How to get rid of lower insulin level naturally
5 Best Insulin Resistance Diet

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What is Insulin Resistance (IR)?

Insulin resistance (IR) is a condition through which cells are completely failed to respond with insulin hormone. As we know that our body produces insulin when glucose begins / starts to be releasing into blood cells. Said insulin comes from digestion of carbohydrates (include in diet).

There is a hormone present in the insulin lamb, when we eat foods, the sugar present in the insulin nutrients – glucose, which is very important for our body, is known to the blood and the glucose is saved. If it is said simple, it keeps the blood sugar in our blood whenever the blood sugar level is low. It cures the lack of glucose stored in blood.

In simple words, when our body produces insulin under conditions of insulin resistance, the cells present some resistant to the insulin. The said cells are therefore unable to use it as effectively (needy). This un-effectively use leads to high blood sugar.

During insulin resistance, however, excess glucose is not sufficiently absorbed by cells even in the presence of insulin, thereby causing an increase in the level of blood sugar.

How to Treat Insulin resistance with Diet

Following diet plan is helpful in order to get lower Insulin level naturally;


Natural nutrients are especially beneficial to vegetable. Vegetable minerals and fiber contain quantities of vegetable are available. Make sure to use vegetable twice in your diet for less than a day. Vegetables are also used in salads. They can take advantage of them.

Soft Drink

Soft Drinks contain ingredients that contain a significant amount of unhealthy sugar, which is harmful for health and insulin, they will be aware that if fresh fruit is used to make it easier for vegetable juice.

Artificial Sugar

Use non-standard toffee and chocolate, because they use artificial sugar, which cause harmful health to the health, as well as increase levels of blood in blood.


At least thirty minutes of exercise daily stabilizes the sugar level in your blood and increases your ability to insulin.

Foods Rich with Omega Three

Use such nutrients that have a wide range of omega-three, you can use fish olive oil, but pearls and supplements that have sufficient amount of omega-three.

5 Best Insulin Resistance Diet In Urdu
Best Insulin Resistance Diet In Urdu
Insulin Resistance Diet
How to get rid of lower insulin level naturally
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