Shubda Bazi Seekhiye Books In Urdu PDF Free Download

Shubda Bazi Seekhiye Books In Urdu PDF Free Download
Shubda Bazi Seekhiye Books In Urdu PDF Free Download

The author of book Shubda Bazi Seekhiye is written by By M Irfan Ali. This book is available here for free download and it has 81 pages. Bottom of Form

Short Summary of Magic Tricks in Urdu Book In Urdu is as under:-

In this book you can find information about “Magic Tricks in Urdu” and learn more than 100 magic tricks in Urdu language. Shaubda Bazi are also known as Nazar Bandi, In this book you will learn a lot of magic tricks like how to walk barefoot on flaming coal, how to spark a cigarette with ice, how burn fire on your head, how to vanish a coin, how to catch hot iron with your hand and so many other tricks that can surprize the audience, family or your friends. 

 Most Famous Magic Tricks 

Most Famous Magic Tricks

Sure, you this book can help you with magic tricks! Here are a few easy ones to get you started:

1.        The Disappearing Coin:

Hold a coin in your hand and pretend to transfer it to your other hand, but actually keep it hidden in your first hand. When you open your second hand to reveal it empty, people will be amazed!

2.        The Card Trick:

Ask someone to pick a card from a deck, look at it, and remember it. Then, shuffle the deck and place it face down on the table. Ask the person to place their card on top of the deck, and then cut the deck a few times. Finally, reveal their card from the top of the deck!

3.        The Rope Trick:

Hold a long piece of rope in your hands and tie a knot in the middle. Then, tell people that you can make the knot jump from the middle of the rope to one end. Simply hold the rope by the two ends, give it a quick flick, and the knot will appear to have jumped to one end of the rope!

Remember, practice makes perfect with magic tricks. Keep working on your sleight of hand and presentation skills, and you’ll be amazing people with your magic in no time!

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How to Download Magic Tricks in Urdu Book In Urdu PDF

You can download Magic Tricks in Urdu Book In Urdu PDF format by clicking the below download button.

Magic Tricks in Urdu Book PDF Download

Magic Tricks in Urdu Book In Urdu PDF

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