How To Get Rid Of Yellow Eyes, Causes and Treatment

how to get rid of yellow eyes
How To Get Rid Of Yellow Eyes, Causes and Treatment

Yellow eyes may occur in people with certain health conditions. Several things can cause to change eyes color Jaundice is one of them; it is the yellowing of the skin and sclera due to abnormally elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood. It can be characterized into three different categories including pre-hepatic, intra-hepatic or post-hepatic.

Can Yellow Eyes Be Normal?

Yellow eyes are not normal and you should need to treat to get rid of yellow eyes. In babies it can go away usually within 5-7 days and in adult the symptoms may take two weeks to a month or longer to resolve.

Why Are Eyes A Little Bit Yellow?

Jaundice is one of the causes of yellow eyes. It symptoms are your skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow. It can be a sign of something serious, such as liver disease, so you need to get urgent medical help to get rid from this problem.

Does Jaundice Go Away By Itself?

Jaundice usually goes away on its own, so treatment is usually not necessary. If elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood are too high or rising too quickly, it may need treatment.

Do Yellow Eyes Always Mean Liver Problems?

The whites of your eyes might turn yellow when your body has too much of a chemical called bilirubin, a yellow substance that forms when red blood cells break down. Normally, it is not a liver problem because liver filters bilirubin from blood and uses it to make a fluid called bile.

But in some cases, it may be due to nutrient deficiency, as lacking of vitamins such as B-12 has been linked to yellowing of the eyes because of changes in red blood cell production.  Once the underlying issue is treated, yellow eyes often go away.

Causes Of Yellow Eyes

There can be many reasons for yellow eyes, such as hepatitis, gallstones; excessive alcohol consumption, some drugs like acetaminophen, penicillin, birth control pills and steroids can also cause yellow eyes. Apart from this, diseases like liver failure, sickle cell anemia, malaria, cirrhosis, cancer can also cause yellow eyes. Therefore, only after proper investigation will know what is the actual cause of yellow eyes.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Eyes

After the examination, it will be known what is the actual cause of the yellowness in the eyes. For example, if there is a bladder stone that is blocking the bile duct, it can be treated with simple medications. If medicine is not effective, surgery is done. If hepatitis is present with it, medicine is given.

Sometimes cancer and cirrhosis of the liver also cause bile duct blockage. There is a cure for this problem. Therefore, in case of yellowing of the eyes, immediately contact the doctor and get the necessary tests done. Prolonged yellow eyes can have serious consequences.

What Foods Make Your Eyes Whiter?

Fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin A & Vitamin C include oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, carrots, peaches, papaya and mangoes are a must food for your eyes. Always add these fruit to your diet plan to make your eyes whiter. 

Home Remedies To Remove Yellow Eyes

Yellow eyes are a sign of this serious disease, don’t forget to ignore it. If you have too much bilirubin in your blood and your liver isn’t getting rid of it quickly enough, it could be a sign of jaundice. If the disease is not serious, home remedies can remove the yellowness of the eyes, if the eyes become more yellow ignoring it can prove dangerous. Here are some natural ways to get rid from yellow eyes.

First of all, drink plenty of water; the yellowness of the eyes will go away. Eat green vegetables, fiber, beans, fruits, salads, whole grains and pulses. Eat fish and walnuts for adequate protein intake.

Do not eat too much oily or fatty food. Avoid alcohol and smoking to get rid of yellow eyes. Do not eat foods including refined carbohydrates and Do not take medicine without doctor’s advice.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Eyes Fast 1

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Eyes Fast

Yellow Eyes Causes and Treatment

Yellow Eyes Causes and Treatment

Desi Totkay To Remove Yellow Eyes

Desi Totkay To Remove Yellow Eyes

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