Do video games affecting Children’s Behavior / Brains ?

Do video games affecting Children’s Behavior / Brains ?

My this article is a million dolor question, Do video games affecting Children’s Behavior? Parents may think that playing games are wastage of time, but other on side playing video games could boost teenagers’ skills. Research suggests that certain games – particularity action games – can boost brain function. The researchers found video games could help students to apply and sharpen skills learned at school.

Researchers tested more than 12,000 about the students’ online activities.

‘Students who play online games almost every day score 15 points above the average in math’s and 17 points above the average in science,’ said Alberto Posso from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Gaming Vs Social Media

A new study says students who played video games almost every day scored higher in subjects including math’s and science.

But on other side students who spent hours on social media sites were more likely to fall behind.

Here we discuss some Positive and Negative Impact of games on children’s

Video Games Positive Impact on Children’s / Adults
  • The video gamer tend to be more creative, and have better relationships with parents who they partner with in the virtual word.

  • During the many standard visual tests. It has been observed that visual performance of gamer is better than non-gamer.

  • Video games improve the senses, leading to a heightened level of awareness.Games like Gran Turismo, has enhanced driving skills. It helped tricky traffic situations which could have resulted in some serious damage to all involved.

  • Older age gamer perform better than non gamer on measures of well being and depression.

Video Games Negative Impact on Children’s / Adults
  • Negatively impact only occurred an unhealthily long gaming session.

  • The children are suffered from a poorer quality of sleep.

  • Gamer not take part in healthy cooperative sporting activities.

  • One reason of depression is long gaming session.

In my opinion games boost teenagers’ skills, brain functions, IQ level and increase performance in visual tests. But be careful to buy a game, I observed that many parents buy games for their kids and were not aware of the content in these games i.e Grand Theft. The responsibility always rests with the buyer. Just like movies, some video games can be limited to a certain age group, so always read contend of games before buying.


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