How to Break Black Magic in Islam

How to Break Black Magic in Islam
How to Break Black Magic in Islam

Black magic is one of the powerful magic from all the magic, if there are many problems occurring in your life and you are unable to get the best solution for them then you should check the black magic. Recite verses of Quran for treatment of black magic, Surah Surah Yunus (81-82), Surah Al-Hashr (21-24), Surah Ar-Rahman (33-36)

In this post I will share how to removing black magic, Islamic black magic cure, wazifa to get rid of black magic. Wazefa of Surah Yaseen to break Black Magic.

Surah Yaseen is commonly known as “the heart of the Quran.”, The meaning of the word “Yaseen,” is unknown. Although many meanings have been suggested, it is Allah who knows best. It is the 36th Surah of the Quran, there as 83 verses in Surah Yaseen. It was revealed in Mecca. It has been said that Allah recited Surah Yaseen and Surah Taha for a thousand years before the creation of Heaven and Earth. Upon hearing this, the angels said, “Blessing is for the Ummah unto whom the Quran will be sent down. Blessing is for the hearts that will memorize it, and blessing is for the tongues that will recite it.”

Break Black Magic with Surah Yaseen


Black magic is a disease which affects you according to the condition of the soul. Just like a disease will affect you according to the condition of your immune system. A weak soul increases the damage of black magic. Please stay away from sins as much as you can and pray 5 times a day. Read the Quran and do zikr of Allah. Try to adopt an islamic lifestyle. This will strengthen the soul immensely.

Symptoms of Black Magic

Black Magic symptoms include unnecessary daily fights between husband and wife, a painful heaviness on the heart, feeling breathless, constant bad dreams, rapid hair loss, sudden loss of interest in studies.

Wazefa to break black magic 

Take a glass of water

Recite Darood Sharif 11 times

Recite Bismillah 487 times

Recite 3 quls (the last 3 surahs of the quran)

Recite the kalmah 100 times everyday

Recite  ayatul kursi

Recite  Surah Yaseen

Blow 3 times on water and drink Or give to someone affected to drink

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