Control Cholesterol Using Lemon and Caraway Drink In Urdu

Control Cholesterol Using Lemon and Caraway Drink
Control Cholesterol Using Lemon and Caraway Drink In Urdu

There are numerous benefits of lemon and Caraway and use them to enhance the flavor of most foods. But according to research, you can increase the use of lemon and celery, or mix them both, so it is surprising drop in cholesterol reduction and other numerous benefits. According to experts, Caraway contains lots of vitamin C, A and K, also abundant vitamin C is found in lemon.

Lemon nutrients meet with the celery, so not only helps the body’s energy, but the immune system is strong, get protection from diseases and reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Before Use in combination:

1- Clearing lemon, rub sweet soda well and then clean it thoroughly again and cut into small pieces, including kernels.

2- Add boiling water and let it cool down too finely chopped Caraway leaves, finely or put in blender.

3- Now let’s take it mixed with lemon juice and pour the water in the air. Mix this mixture well and then stored in glass containers.

* Use 100 ml 30 minutes before each meal (one-tenth of a liter) and have numerous health benefits. 

Control Cholesterol Using Lemon and Caraway Drink In Urdu

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